Best electric golf trolley 2021: Power through 18 holes with our most popular battery-operated trolleys

by | Nov 5, 2021 | Golf Shoes

Playing 18-hole golf doesn’t have to be a chore. By investing in an excellent electric golf trolley, you can relax and concentrate on the essentials: enjoying your round.

Electric golf trolleys run on battery power and accelerate on the fairway, saving you time and effort and protecting your body so you can play longer. While the best electric golf trolleys may seem expensive in the short term, this investment will be more than worth it in the long run.

Before we dive head first into our list of the best electric golf trolleys on the market, here are some tips and things to look out for when making a purchase decision.

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How to buy the best electric golf trolley for you

What are the main features to look out for?

Although your electric golf trolley is self-sufficient on the course, you have to drive it to the first tee. It is therefore important to consider weight and size when choosing the right trolley. Electric golf trolleys typically weigh between 10 kg and 20 kg, so make sure you choose a weight that is manageable for you.

Most electric trolleys allow you to choose which type of battery to use. However, if it doesn’t, it is important to check what type of battery your trolley uses and how long it is expected to last. In general, more expensive lithium batteries last longer than their lead-acid counterparts, so you may have to compromise depending on your budget and needs.

When it comes to smart features, the possibilities are (almost) endless. Many have built-in displays that can show route maps, messages, notifications, and more.

Which brands are the best?

Aptly named PowaKaddy and Motocaddy brands are leaders in the electric golf trolley market, although you get what you pay for as these companies’ models are also some of the most expensive. Fazer offers convenient budget options, while Big Max has made a name for itself as one of the leading innovators in the world of electric golf trolleys.

How much should i spend?

The prices for electric golf trolleys can vary widely. The most affordable models can cost as little as £ 300, but the Rolls Royces of the world of electric golf trolleys can cost you up to £ 1,500.

We recommend budgeting in the £ 600-900 range to ensure that you get a fully stocked trolley without spending too much.

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The best electric golf trolleys money can buy

1. Powakaddy CT6: The Best Electric Golf Trolley You Can Buy

Price: £ 849 | Buy now from Amazon

The innovative Powakaddy CT6 series offers the perfect balance of practicality and high-tech features. As one of the smallest electric trolleys equipped with a touchscreen, the CT6 benefits from industry-leading GPS technology, which gives you access to data for over 40,000 courses worldwide. In practical terms, it has a USB charging port for your phone or other device and an integrated handle for easy portability.

If the £ 849 price tag seems too high for you, consider the brother of this trolley, the £ 650 CT6 Compact, which is a slightly smaller version of the same model but without the built-in GPS software.

Important data – weight: 9.8kg; Material: Composite material; Dimensions: 51 x 43 x 38 cm; Available colours: Gunmetal metallic

2. Fazer electric 18-hole trolley: The electric golf trolley with the best price-performance ratio

Price: £ 349 | Buy now from Next

At £ 349, the Fazer 18-hole electric trolley is about as cheap as motorized models. It doesn’t fold the smallest and at 19kg it certainly isn’t the lightest on this list, but if these aren’t a problem for you, then you’re left with a sturdy, reliable electric golf trolley.

The equipment includes a 12 V battery and a 200 W motor with nine speed levels and three auto-stop intervals. In the event that the upgraded aluminum frame fails, Next, supplied by American Golf, comes with a standard 12 month warranty.

Important data – weight: 19kg; Material: Improved Aluminum; Dimensions: 90 x 52 x 32 cm; Available colours: black

Buy now from Next

3. Motocaddy M-TECH: The best electric golf trolley when money is not an issue

Price: £ 1,200 | Buy it now at American Golf

The Rolls-Royce Phantom is to cars what the Motocaddy M-TECH is to electric golf trolleys. As the flagship model of Motocaddy’s M-Series, the M-TECH is packed with industry-leading features interspersed with luxurious details. According to Motocaddy’s website, the “ultimate in golf club transport” is the M-TECH if you are looking for the best golf trolley money can buy.

Features include Motocaddy’s Automatic Downhill Control technology, an electronic parking brake and a glare-free LCD display with high-quality surfaces in the form of hand-sewn leather handles and polished chrome details. If the price seems a bit daunting, consider American Golf’s interest-free loan payment option, which allows you to purchase an M-TECH for £ 100 per month over 12 months.

Important data – weight: 11.4kg; Material: Aluminum / polished chrome; Dimensions: 65 x 47 x 41 cm; Available colours: Black / carbon

Buy it now at American Golf

4. MGI Zip Navigator: A high-end alternative

Price: € 1,049 | Buy it now at American Golf

The Zip Navigator is the flagship of the Australian-based electric golf trolley manufacturer MGI, which is known worldwide for the range and quality of its products. The cleverly designed Zip Navigator can be folded up with one hand movement, saves time and trouble in the parking lot and is equipped with a GPS holder and an umbrella holder as standard. One of the most quirky features of the Zip Navigator is its fully directional remote control, which is both responsive and easy to use. All in all, this is really a complete package that offers everything you need, from the electric golf trolley to the additional functionality of the remote control to the boat.

Important data – weight: 15.8 kg; Material: N / A; Dimensions: 69 x 46 x 41 cm; Available colours: black

Buy it now at American Golf

5. Powerhouse Golf Freedom T2-S: An inexpensive alternative

Price: £ 379 | Buy now from Amazon

The Powerhouse website boasts that the Freedom T2-S is “a premium golf trolley without the premium price,” and that self-assessment is not far from it. The compact younger brother of Powerhouse’s T2 model, the T2-S, combines great performance on the field with easy transport away from it. The standard equipment includes a battery of your choice, automatic distance control and a nine-speed system. It’s also incredibly light, weighing just 9 kg. While not the most complete electric golf trolley on this lift, the T2-S has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Important data – weight: 9kg; Material: Alloy / nylon tubes; Dimensions: 81 x 56 x 41 cm; Available colours: White