Best golf shoes 2021: Top golf shoes for walking, balance, grip


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If you are new to golf it may seem a bit unnecessary to buy a new pair of golf shoes. But the truth is, the best golf shoes will massively improve your game and keep your feet more comfortable during an 18-hole session. That means better game and less sore feet – two things every golfer hopes for, regardless of skill level.

The main advantage of golf shoes is grip. Thanks to spikes or specially designed handles on the sole, you stay on the ground during your swing. You’ll notice more power and more accuracy – not to mention less embarrassing slip-ups. This is especially useful when the fairway is wet.

Golf shoes are also a great way to relieve foot and lower body fatigue on the course. The shoes are designed for maximum arch support, cushioning and blood circulation, so that you can walk the course and still have energy to concentrate on the next swing. If you’ve ever felt weak or strangely inaccurate on your last putt, this is a tell-tale sign that you may need a better pair of golf shoes.

Golf shoes buying guide

There are a few important things to consider when purchasing the best golf shoes for you. Here’s what to look for.

Spikes vs. Spikeless: Spiked golf shoes provide improved grip and traction when walking on the course. Some golf courses do not allow spiked shoes (they can damage the ground), so you can usually remove the spikes from spiked golf shoes. Of course, studless shoes are a better choice if your home course does not allow spiked shoes, and they are easier to wear off-course as well.

Comfort: Look for golf shoes with arch support, cushioned soles, and comfortable materials. Breathable fabrics (like knitwear or synthetics) are also nice if you usually play golf in warm weather.

material: The three most common golf shoe materials are leather, synthetic and knit. Leather is the highest quality, most durable and offers the best water resistance. However, some leather shoes can be a little stiff when broken in. Synthetic is a good mid-range material because they’re usually water-repellent, but still decently flexible and breathable. Knitwear is the most flexible and breathable, though not always good with moisture.

style: Your shoes should match the rest of your golf wardrobe. Like the rest of the fashion world, golf shoes are getting sportier. However, there are still traditionally styled kicks as well as casual golf shoes that are something of a middle ground between sporty and elegant.

Best spikeless golf shoes

1. FootJoy Pro / SL

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FootJoy’s Pro / SLs are the best spikeless golf shoes and possibly the best golf shoes out there. They use the brand’s ChromoSkin leather on the upper, which is specially designed to offer both flexibility and near-impenetrable waterproofness. The cushioning is provided by a three-part outsole, which is intended to enormously reduce foot fatigue. The sole is a molded TPU that grips with every swing but looks flat enough to be worn off-course. Speaking of looks, we’re big fans. Athletic yet refined, the Pro / SLs go with a range of golf outfits from casual to elegant.

FootJoy Pro / SL
$ 169.95

2. Ecco Golf S-Three Gore-Tex

Golf shoes without spikes for men

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If you call the golf course a home away from home, these high quality S-three kicks from ECCO are a great choice. The highlight is a Gore-Tex impregnation, which enables real breathability and at the same time keeps rain and dew off. The midsole also impresses with a tri-zone layout that offers three different levels of stiffness for support. Add in a removable OrthoLite insole and you have a really comfortable shoe. The traction is also first class thanks to 100 TPU bars on the underside. We also think the hybrid sporty dressy look goes with almost any personal style.

$ 199.95

3. Adidas Tour 360 XT

Golf shoes adidas Spikeless

Courtesy of Adidas

If you’re looking for a sportier golf shoe, consider these Tour 360 XTs from Adidas. Supple full-grain leather forms the upper material, but the shoes are surprisingly flexible. This leather is completely waterproof and offers protection from morning dew, fog or showers. The shoes also use Adidas’ famous comfy Boost midsole that provides springy comfort all day long. Also, while the kicks are from Adidas, they are more contracted than some athletic-style golf shoes.

Adidas Tour 360 XT
$ 180

4. Nike Roshe G

Golf shoes Nike men

Courtesy of Nike

These Nike Roshe Gs are among the most modern golf shoes ever. They look like Nike’s iconic Roshe running shoes and the upper is made of an extremely flexible, breathable material. The soft studs on the underside are very flat, so the Roshes feel more like running shoes than golf shoes when walking around. But despite this convenience, they are still very handy. Basically, they look and feel like soft, supportive running shoes, but offer high quality golf shoe performance.

Nike Roshe G.
$ 80

The best golf shoes with spikes

1. Under Armor HOVR Drive golf shoes

Men's golf shoes under armor

Courtesy of Under Armor

Running 18 holes is exhausting. These Under Armor golf shoes help in the form of HOVR energy return cushioning. Once you’re ready to swing, specially placed spikes will help prevent over-revving. The material of the upper material of the shoes is also remarkable: it is Clarino microfiber, which offers the flexibility of a net. Thanks to Gore-Tex technology, the shoes are also waterproof. Overall, they are a powerful choice that can help anyone improve their game – regardless of your handicap.

Under Armor HOVR Drive golf shoes
$ 170

2. Adidas ZG21 golf shoes

black golf shoes adidas

Courtesy of Adidas

These Adidas ZG21 are an example of where the golf style is going. The all black color scheme and sporty style are very modern, but they still look at home on the links. The materials, including a synthetic upper and a six-stud TPU sole, are also pretty advanced. They offer the rotational grip, waterproofness, and flexibility you expect in a golf shoe, but with less weight – 13 ounces to be precise. This makes the ZG21s one of the lightest golf shoes on the market.

Adidas ZG21 golf shoes
$ 180

3. Ecco Golf BIOM G3

Golf shoes men ecco

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Another great pair of premium golf shoes with spikes are these BIOM G3s from ECCO. The shoes are grounded through two different types of spikes that work in unison to provide support while walking, driving, and putting. Inside there is a padded footbed for support and extra comfort. The upper material is made of high quality ECCO leather, complete with a Gore-Tex membrane for impregnation. Stylistically, the BIOMs go very well with a subtle look that is somewhere between casual and traditional.

$ 199.99

4. Skechers GO Golf Torque Pro

Skecher men's golf shoes

Courtesy of

If you want some no-frills kicks to improve your game, check out these Skechers Torque Pros. They have six grippy soft spikes that are removable if you’re on a course that doesn’t allow spikes and replaceable when worn. The shoes are also equipped with a springy insole and plenty of cushioning for all-day comfort. Plus, the synthetic upper is flexible and waterproof, and looks more like leather for a traditional style.

Skechers GO Golf Torque Pro
$ 59.62


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