Best men’s golf apparel to look good on the course

by | Oct 26, 2021 | Golf Shoes


We can’t all be world class golfers, but we can make sure we look real when we play.

The better you feel on the pitch, the more likely you’ll feel relaxed, hit the ball with confidence, and cut off your strokes – and clothing can definitely help.

If you’re just starting out, you won’t hit the ball 400 yards like Bryson Dechambeau or hit the greens in an instant like players on the PGA Tour, but you can make sure to rock out at your local club on a Sunday morning like you belong there.

If you are a beginner who can find your way around the game, you don’t have to be intimidated by fancy courses. A dress code can be a great counterbalance and if you can find the right gear for you there is no reason to ever feel out of place.

We’ve tested some of the best looking, most affordable golf apparel from a variety of major manufacturers and boutique brands to keep you looking and feeling good during your next round.


Sunderland of Scotland s. Zermatt

Sunderland of Scotland

When it comes to smart looks and functionality, the overlays and jackets from Sunderland of Scotland are hard to beat.

The historic brand has been producing classics since the 1960s, and the performance golf jacket is nice and warm, shower-proof, blessed with high-quality zipped pockets for safe storage of valuables and can easily be worn in the clubhouse and beyond.

A strong golf jacket is a must for players in the UK and this one is one of the best.

Buy now £80, Glenmuir

Bunker Mentality Cmax Brea Tech Golf Polo Shirt


Golf should be fun, why else? Bunker Mentality is one of the boutique brands out there that help remind everyone how fun the sport can be. They place great emphasis on having fun and extravagance in their pieces and specialize in large, eye-catching prints that will give you a lot of character on the court.

This awesome pink shirt is perfect for adding a splash of color to your golf appearance. When you’re feeling really brave, pair it with white pants and you’re ready for a putting party.

Buy now £60, Bunker mentality



When the game gets serious, swap out your white sneakers for a proper pair of golf shoes the next time you play. Spikes are great – and perfect for the wetter months of the year – but this PAYNTR X 001 F with soft is one of the best all round golfers out there.

They are very comfortable, waterproof, look good, offer strong grip and are perfect for the casual golfer who wants to arrive, play and then go to the pub without having to mess around with change shoes. If you’re looking for a shoe that can do pretty much anything, it’s well worth the investment.

Buy now £119.99, American golf

Glenmuir G.Jedburgh Sweater


Glenmuir is the official Ryder Cup apparel manufacturer, and they certainly know a thing or two about classic golf gear making. The quality of their craftsmanship also comes into its own in their autumn pieces. This cashmere sweater looks timeless, hangs well when you play, and is more than chic enough to be worn casually.

It’s nice and warm for the October rounds when the temperatures start to drop, but it’s also breathable and won’t sit too heavy during the game. A quality piece.

Buy now £85, Glenmuir

Lyle & Scott golf vest

Lyle & Scott

If you’re looking for clothes that look great on the court and can be worn in almost any other setting, you’ve come to the right place with Lyle and Scott.

The brand has a proud tradition of making classic golf pieces, and their polos always translate well in most locations, including the golf course. There is also a selection of outerwear in autumn colors, including this vest that adorns almost every golf outfit.

It’s equipped with sturdy zippered pockets to keep your valuables safe while you do your thing, and allows you to wear pretty much any top underneath and still be smart enough to get out and play.

Buy now £90, Lyle & Scott

East polo shirt


Osten is one of the new guys in the golf apparel scene who just started through lockdown. But they are definitely on the ground.

For beginners who want to look good without breaking the bank and buy pieces that work anywhere, Osten is the perfect place between streetwear-inspired designs and classic golf apparel. The block polo and hat they currently sell are also reasonably priced, and we’re excited to see where they go next. Watch out.

Buy now £35, east

Ecco Biom G3 Gore-Tex golf shoe


When it’s really wet or you play a special course, it can be important to have a pair of spiked shoes that will do the business and keep you stable on wet, undulating fairways.

The soft leather and adjustable spikes of the Ecco G3 Gore-Tex winter shoes make them a great option for golfers who want to invest in a piece that will strengthen their golf wardrobe year-round. Looks also make them one of the most traditional options out there.

Buy now £273, Amazon

Adidas Go-to Primegreen Cold.rdy Hoodie


Many beginners will look for equipment from major brands that they have already bought from rather than jumping straight to boutiques or specialist manufacturers. The Adidas range is packed with a wide variety of options, ideal for the more brand conscious shoppers looking to get their first few pieces, including a range of stylish pants and the smart Adicross golf shoes, all of which are more than usable off the court.

Our top pick is the go-to Primegreen Cold.rdy Hoodie, designed for the casual consumer. It is a comfortably fitting piece with built-in stretch to adapt to the movements of your body during the golf swing. It’s ideal for the range and even the course – hey, if the top players on the world’s most prestigious golf courses can wear hoodies, why can’t we?

Buy now £60, Adidas

Zerofit thermal


Golf in fall and winter can be great fun, and this is where zerofit comes in. Unlike the US, the UK is not blessed with sun-drenched golf courses all year round, and when the weather changes this shouldn’t deter golfers from having their first tee and good fun.

The Japanese brand proudly declares itself as the manufacturer of the warmest baselayer in the world. The unisex Heatrub Ultimate sits comfortably under shirts and tops, stores body heat and generates additional frictional heat and at the same time offers freedom of movement. The turtleneck also goes well with most outfits and gives us a touch of Tiger Woods in its pomp – always a plus.

Buy now £55.99, Amazon

Oscar Jacobson Trent middle class

Oscar Jacobson

Oscar Jacobson’s golf apparel range is stacked with sleek, high-quality items that are some of the smartest we’ve seen – perfect for players looking for classic looks with a modern twist on the golf course.

Invest in quality with this highly breathable and versatile sweater made from double jersey knit. The high percentage of stretch offers excellent freedom of movement and freedom of movement during turns, while the soft, brushed inner material is very comfortable and also stores body heat to provide excellent insulation on the limbs on cooler afternoons.

Buy now £69.99, American golf

Penguin original plaid golf trousers


Well-structured golf trousers are always a solid addition to any player’s wardrobe, and these plaid trousers from Penguin last and last.

The stretchy pants offer moisture transport, plenty of breathability and full freedom of movement – even if you defy bunkers and wade into heavy rough to look for another failed tee-off.

They are also made from 30 percent recycled polyester and, thanks to their professional fit, are just as good in the office as they are on the green.

Buy now £59.90, penguin

Mizuno G-Style golf shoe


Keep it elegant and casual with the G-Style, which treads the line between sneakers and more traditional golf shoes – for use on and off the course and with fantastic comfort.

The shoe is available in navy or a more classic white with a soft, waterproof Kuraray upper. The sole also offers considerable grip, while the product comes with a one-year waterproof guarantee. They keep you dry during the wet Sunday morning laps and look great in the clubhouse afterwards.

Buy now £90, Mizuno

PING sensordry waterproof golf jacket


If anything is certain in this life then golfers in the UK need a good waterproof jacket. The great UK weather shouldn’t stop us from improving our game, which means it’s one of the most important things a golfer can own.

PING has a great tradition in the golf club world and their clothing is pretty gorgeous too. Sensordry’s waterproof golf jacket has a flattering fit, is nice and light, and the material doesn’t make horrible noises when rubbed against each other. It’s available in a range of colors including a lovely deep red that adds a touch of vibrancy even in gray weather.

Buy now £110, American golf

Sounder Classic Polo Burgundy


There are many options when it comes to polo shirts, but few of them have golf in their DNA like Sounder’s.

The brand, which is a partnership between folk founder and golf enthusiast Cathal McAteer and Urban Golf founder James Day, has the sport at heart. They specialize in classic pieces with a contemporary twist and this polo shows what they do best.

It is made of high-quality, breathable and soft cotton and spices up your outfits on the court. It’s also perfect to wear afterwards, and we love the finishing touches – a sounder patch and ball marker on the hem that nicely rounds off the piece.

Buy now £65, Sounder

Golf shorts from Manors


If you’ve never heard of it, Manors is one of the finest fashion conscious golf brands out there. They are all inspired by taking inspiration from the golf tradition, but without all of the boredom that is often associated with the game. We’re big fans of their approach and these classic shorts will spice up any summer golf outfit.

They are comfortable, stylish and have a few nice details like a Manors leather patch on the waistband and pin pleats. Their knitted polos and wool vests are also classy.

Buy now £110, Mansions