As a longtime golf writer, I’ve always been intrigued by holes in one and some of the crazy stories that surround them. One of the dumbest was a guy in Dallas who pushed his tee shot down an adjacent street, saw it hit a car, bounce back into the pitch, roll onto the green, and trickle into the cup.

The list of head-shaking aces includes new golfers playing their first official round, duffers taking the ball to the top and watching it find its way into the cup, and groups that have more than one player in a foursome an ace celebrated on the same hole.

Add Australian Hugh Brown to that list. Why? Because he’s two months off 100 and his second ace last week came 61 years after his first. Brown hit his driver downhill, 161 yards, 5th hole at Indooroopilly Golf Club in Queensland.

There was some humor in the fact that Brown, who didn’t think he could reach the green, found himself in a group that was in 5th place. He couldn’t see the ball going in but heard screams and shouts and assumed he was cursed for throwing his shot off before the green was cleared.

Brown’s performance led me to see if he was the oldest golfer to ever play an ace. It turns out that not only was he not the oldest man – the honor goes to 101-year-old Harold Stilson of Deerfield, Florida – but there is an even older woman who won an ace.

That would be 102-year-old Elsie McLean from Chico, California. She wrote her first hole in one with a driver on the 100-yard, 4th hole at Birdwell Park in Chico. Stilson scored his hole-in-one with a 4-iron at the 108-yard, 16th at Deerfield Country Club.

The moral of this story is for those who haven’t picked up that first ace and are convinced it won’t happen, keep swinging. Brown, Stilson and McLean have proven that it is never too late.

CHIP SHOTS: Sticking to the hole-in-one theme, Port Arthur’s David Evans wrote his second ace to Babe Zaharias last Thursday. Evans hit a 7-iron from 140 yards on the second hole. Witnesses were Drake Romero, Mark Griffin, Derky Hardin and David Colten.

Format for the game Monday Senior 50 Plus at Babe Zaharias were 3 best balls. The team of Raymond Darbonne, Dillard Darbonne, Tony Trevino and James Trahan won the front at eye level. At minus 1, the four of Gary Fontenot, Steve Wisenbaker, Cesar Chavez and Keith Marshall got his back.

The Super Senior Saturday 2 Ball in Zaharias ended in a tie on both nines.

Plus 1 at the front in gusty north winds posted the team of Bill Hanley, Ted Freeman, Troy Touchet and Harrell Guidry as well as the group of Ed Holley, Rufus Reyes, Don MacNeil and George Adams. First place on the back of Plus 3 was shared by a foursome from Earl Richard, Rusty Hicks, Rick Pritchett and Buddy Hicks, as well as the Hanley team.

At the ball on Thursday 2 in Zaharias, the team of Bob West, Rusty Hicks, MacNeil and Frank LeBlanc conquered the front with minus 4. The team of Russ Gloede, Ron LaSalle, Bobby Wactor and Richard Menchaca won the backcourt with minus 5.

The Wednesday DogFight in Zaharias was played in a 2-man-flighted 9-hole best-ball, 9-hole scramble format. There was a three-way title for first place in Championship Flight with the teams of Keith Mullins-Raymond Darbonne, James Vercher-Glenn Judice and James Cady-Ted Freeman, all of whom shot 67.

First Flight ended at the age of 69 in a duel between the duo Wisenbaker-Charlies Leard and John House-Rick Pritchett. On the second flight, Harrell carded Guidry-Dwayne Benoit 72 to defeat Harry Green-Richard Menchaca and Dillard Darbonne-Dan Flood with five blows.

A 76 won the third flight for Sid Ducote-Mike Junot with a shot over James Johnson-Dale Carter. Closest to pin wins were Vercher (# 2), Jerry Watson (# 7), Cady (# 12), and Guidry (# 15).

Think of the name Tommy Morrison. The high school junior from Frisco, Texas is expected to be the top ranked student in the 2023 class. Morrison, who is a volunteer at the University of Texas, seems to have one big problem – getting golf shoes that fit.

Nike shoe sizes do not go beyond size 16. Morrison, who commutes to California to work with Patrick Cantlay’s trainer, hopes to meet Michael Jordan and get his help on a special Nike shoe. Given Jordan’s love of golf, that could well happen.

There seems to be an increasing number of golf carts driving the streets in Mid-County. For those who want to outperform their neighbors, the Italian sports car manufacturer Lamborghini is working with the Indian company Kinetic Green Injury on a stylish, souped-up golf cart that should be available in 2022.

One of the unique design features of the Lamborghini car is solar panels. It is primarily marketed for airports, hotels, and restaurants, but it is also made available to country clubs and individuals ready to write a large check. Not a word yet about how big this check has to be.

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