Class 2021: Schalmonts Pepicelli became a four-athlete as a senior

Class 2021: Schalmonts Pepicelli became a four-athlete as a senior

Schalmont Senior Tyler Pepicelli’s high school sports resume previously included two sports – soccer and basketball.

For three years his sports plan was simple: football in the fall, basketball in winter, then AAU basketball with the Schenectady Lightning in spring and summer.

His senior year in high school sports was a little different.

Pepicelli became a four-sport athlete.

That was with the postponement of football in the Colonial Council to the “Fall II” season in March and April Created to host competitions for school sports teams that were unable to compete last fall due to concerns about the novel coronavirus pandemic, Pepicelli’s fall was open. . . and the year before he had started golfing in his spare time.

So he joined the Schalmont golf team, which was allowed to compete last autumn – and became one of the six best scorers of the team.

“I don’t think I was nervous about it. Last summer, golfing was one of the few things I could do with my friends because of the pandemic alone, ”Pepicelli said. “We were out a few times a week in the summer, and then came autumn. I wanted to play golf. “

Pepicelli said he has gained an appreciation for golfers who compete on television on the PGA Tour every weekend.

“It’s a really tough game,” said Pepicelli. “One bad shot and it could cost you a round. You’re just so consistent with it; You have to have perfect turns. “

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After serving as a basketball team captain for Schalmont during the winter, the 6-foot-0 Pepicelli competed for the Sabers during the Fall II football season in March and April and then found himself again over time.


“Mr. Dolan [the school’s tennis coach] tried to get me to play for a couple of weeks, ”said Pepicelli. “In the week before the trial session, I said that I would do it because I had nothing else to do.”

Pepicelli’s experience on the tennis court before his first training session was playing once or twice a year.

“In the beginning I hit the ball off the side of the racket and the ball went 12 meters in the air,” said Pepicelli. “I just relied on the fact that I could run to every ball and cover a large part of the space, which many of my opponents couldn’t.”

His rookie single record with the Sabers was humble but impressive given the circumstances, 5-4.

“In the end I was pretty consistent,” said Pepicelli. “Any hit would pass [the net] and I would just get a lot more power from my shots and be able to control them better. “

Adding tennis and golf in his senior year led him to become a better basketball player – his passion.

“Golf teaches you a lot about patience, and tennis is because it’s more of a mental game,” said Pepicelli.

Without the help of his teammates to score, pass the ball, or generate sales, Pepicelli learned that he had to rely on himself during his golf and tennis seasons.

“If you stay too long, your next shot will be bad too,” said Pepicelli. “You just have to let it go, accept that it happened, and keep moving.”

With his basketball sneakers, soccer shoes, golf shoes and tennis rackets hung from the competition stands, Pepicelli will be focused on his college plans. Pepicelli, a well-respected student during his years at Schalmont who volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House and youth basketball camps, plans to study sports communication at Clemson University.

There his sporting focus will remain on one sport – at least for the beginning.

“Right now,” said Pepicelli, “I should be the men’s basketball manager.”

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