Dave McKey’s winning new shoes

Dave McKey's winning new shoes

Winner Dave McKey presented with Phil Davies. Unfortunately we cannot see the shoes.

Pattaya Sports Club Links Golf Society
Friday June 18th
Pattana Sports Resort and Golf Course B + A

Dave McKey has had some good results lately, many in his high thirties, but hasn’t managed to wear the green jacket since our last game in 2020, New Years Eve.

That consistency and a new pair of golf shoes that fit very comfortably have resulted in Dave having a better grip on the ground, scoring 38 points and being the best of the small field of 10 starters.

It’s no surprise that George Mueller is back in the rankings after missing the final lap. The ‘bridesmaid’ shows consistently good shape.

What was a surprise, however, was to see that George actually won a countback.

His score of 36 points was the same as Paul Anderson, but this time George had the better nine, another second place.

It was a good result for the top three as each of them has been in good shape for a while.

Winner in Pattana
1st place – Dave McKey (20) – 38 points
2nd place – George Mueller (15) – 36 points c / back
3rd place – Paul Anderson (21) – 36 points

The Pattana golf course was very quiet, with two Pattaya Societies, a few five balls and not many more. Disappointing when you consider the consistently terrific price of 1100 Baht all-in.

The fairways are in very good condition, but the heavy rain recently made them soft and although the carts stayed clear of the fairways they ran in the rough and occasionally on a fairway if possible so not too bad.

The Greens here have had their problems lately, but the man in charge of them, Derek, assured us that a lot of recent work brings them back to their best. The two nines we played, however, show that things have improved since our visit two weeks ago.

The dark clouds looked high enough not to produce rain, but they did. A short rain shower of about three holes was not enough to stop the first group, which finished the round uninterrupted and in time.


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