Do’s and Don’ts for Golf Spectators | news

  Do's and Don'ts for Golf Spectators |  news

There is no entry fee for the US Amateur Golf Qualifying Tournament.

The Tempest Golf Club is located at 568 East Wilkins Road, Gladewater (75647). It is a 36-hole event with tee times starting at 7 a.m. in the morning before holes 1 and 10. The afternoon tees start at 12.50 p.m. at holes 1 and 10.

Fans can park near the clubhouse. There is also parking near the giant US flag and flagpole.

Fans are asked to observe golf etiquette and stay on the golf cart lanes during the game. Please do not ask Tony Romo or other players for autographs during the round as they will be competing. After the round, it’s up to Romo and the players whether they pose for photos and / or sign autographs.

The following is from John Steinbreder’s Golf Rules & Etiquette for Dummies.

To do:

Be calm when playing.

Keep your movements to a minimum when the players are about to hit.

Wait until all players have putted before leaving the green area for the next tee.

Follow the etiquette guidelines of the club and association hosting the event.

Cheer for a good shot, but only in an appropriate and moderate manner.

Wear non-spiked trainers or golf shoes on the course to avoid the wear and tear.


Walk around a golf course while a tournament is being played.

Talk on a cell phone.

Take photos during the competition rounds. Always check with the tournament organizers for the rules.

Ask for autographs from golfers who are still playing on the course.

Holler “You there man!” after a player hits a shot.

Applaud or otherwise ridicule a player’s bad shot.

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