Ecco unveils GOOD Edition of the Biom H4 golf shoe

Ecco unveils GOOD Edition of the Biom H4 golf shoe

ECCO Biom H4 golf shoes in black

Ecco improves on perhaps its best golf shoe ever by adding BOA to the Ecco Biom H4.

At the beginning of the year we revealed that with the Biom H4, Ecco had developed what is perhaps the closest golf shoe we have ever seen to perfection.

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Ecco never rests on its laurels and has decided to build on the success of the Biom H4 and bring out a BOA edition along with a refreshed aesthetic.

ECCO Biom H4 golf shoes

Golfers who have tried BOA in the past will know that not only does it get rid of the hassle of lacing – and dirty laces in the winter – it also provides a more comfortable, secure fit with a peace of mind. locked in”.

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In addition to the addition of BOA, you also receive the Biom Natural Motion Technology, which wraps around the foot like a second skin and enables it to move naturally, close to the ground. It’s the next feeling you will get while playing barefoot.

The Ecco FluidForm Direct Comfort Technology, on the other hand, ensures a balanced relationship between cushioning and springback in order to offer dynamic comfort with every step.

Ecco Biom H4 golf shoe sole

Equipped for all conditions with the Ecco MTN GRIP outsole, which spans three sections to provide the ideal blend of traction and stability, ground penetration and rotational support during your golf swing.

The T.PU element on the side of the Biom H4, which wraps around the foot from the outsole to the midsole, improves stability and at the same time contributes to the modern, high-quality design – with color accents that create a lively aesthetic in certain styles contribute.

ECCO Biom H4 golf shoes in black


The new GOOD The Biom H4 is optionally available in black or white for men; as a complement to the colors black, white, silver / gray and white / concrete, which are available in the lace-up version of the shoe.

For women, the BOA version of Biom H4 is available in black or white / silver-gray. The laced version is available in white, limestone, white / silver gray and a new ombre colorway.


– Men’s Ecco Biom H4 – RRP £ 170

– Men’s Ecco Biom H4 BOA – RRP £ 200

– Women’s Ecco Bion H4 – RRP £ 160

– Women’s Ecco Biom H4 BOA – £ 190

Visit for more information and to find an Ecco store near you.

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