Give me that! The newest shoe from G / Fore is a multifunctional masterpiece

by | Aug 28, 2021 | Golf Shoes


Emily Haas

August 26, 2021


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G / Fore is known for its unique and functional golf shoes. They always seem to mix the right amount of fashion and function. So it’s no surprise that their latest iteration of the classic MG4 – the MG4X2 – does just that.

The shoe should be a multifunctional cross trainer – a shoe that works in the gym, on the green and looks good everywhere in between. It consists of a fully waterproof, one-piece upper material, which is combined with an ergonomic sole and a specially shaped heel cup for optimal support and comfort with every step.

Aside from the actual style, one of my favorite things about this shoe is its odor-resistant insoles – such long, smelly golf shoes that smell in the closet!

Some of the colorways are already sold out, so don’t hesitate to click the link below to shop today.

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G / Fore MG4X2 golf cross trainer

$ 225

This elliptical cross trainer golf shoe is perfect for the stylish on-the-go player looking for a shoe that suits their lifestyle.

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