Golf kicks DIY spikes for golf sneakers

by | Sep 6, 2021 | Golf Shoes

For those who can’t find the ideal golf shoes, Golfkicks is for you. The Denver-based startup offers DIY spikes that you can add to any sneaker, including your favorite dunks or Air Force 1s.

The Traction Kit is available in black and white to neon yellow and orange and comes with 20 spikes that can be attached to the underside of each shoe. The parts are accompanied by a sharpie marker as well as tools to help the user install the cleats into the soles. All you have to do is map the layout on the outsole and then drill in each spike.

Originally launched via Kickstarter, Golfkicks is making the DIY spikes more widely available and recently landing in South Korea. You can purchase your very own DIY kit for US $ 33 via Golfkicks to turn your sneakers into golf shoes.