Great deals on Under Armor Charged Draw RST Golf Shoes

by | Nov 24, 2021 | Golf Shoes

We have been fans of Under Armor for a while for the quality of their shoes and one of the most popular is the Charged Draw RST pictured above.

It got 4.5 stars in a recent review and one of the big reasons for that is charge damping. Put simply, there will be less impact with every step and improved rebound from a cushioned midsole and compression-molded foam.

Looks good, we think they’re both sporty and athletic, and they keep your feet dry thanks to their microfiber leather upper and Under Armor’s Never-Wet treatment.

What makes these shoes really attractive, however, is the price, as you can often find a pair for well under £ 100 / $ 100.

You can also find offers on them, which is why we have put some together below.

Great deals on Under Armor Charged Draw RST Golf Shoes

Pull RST offers

Today’s Best Draw RST Deals

Spieth 5 listings

under armaments spy 5

(Image credit: Golf Monthly)

Or do you prefer the model named after the three-time major winner Jordan Spieth? The 5 is one of the most comfortable golf shoes on the market due to its unique 3D molded footbed.

It takes a bit of getting used to, but it wraps your feet really well.

Today’s best Spieth 5 deals

HOVR Drive offers

under armor hovr drive

(Image credit: Golf Monthly)

Another very popular golf shoe right now is the Under Armor HOVR Drive as it offers good performance at a good value for money given the cost of some ultra premium models.

The classic white with the silver trim is really classy and goes with pretty much every outfit.

In our test, it also delivered in terms of traction, stability and comfort, which is why it became our guide to the best golf shoes.

Today’s Best HOVR Drive Deals

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