Hard golf case vs. soft golf case: which is the best?

Hard golf case vs. soft golf case: which is the best?

Comparison of hard golf travel cases with soft ones

When people invest large sums of money in a range of golf clubs, they may want to protect that investment as well. Golfers who regularly replace their golf club handles avoid their clubs flying out of their hands. Anyone who invests in a high-quality golf bag that has individual slots for clubs can avoid damaging the club shafts.

When traveling, golfers should invest in golf travel cases to successfully protect all equipment. A hard golf travel case offers maximum protection, while a soft golf travel case has a comfortable weight and a budget-friendly price.

A hard golf suitcase has a hard shell. This shell is made of very durable and thick plastic and offers maximum protection for the rackets. The inside of the hard shell will contain padding to further protect the clubs.

The hard plastic suitcase often has four wheels on the bottom that allow easy transport through the airport. It has secure buckles that keep it closed even if it collides with other people and luggage.

As an alternative to the full-size cases, some companies sell hard-shell caps that extend over the top of the golf bag and protect the club heads protruding from the top. While this solution is inexpensive, it does not protect the waves.

Another option is a hard case that has no space for the golf bag. Instead, it offers space for several golf clubs on its own, making it smaller and lighter than a typical travel case with a hard case.

Expect to pay between $ 150 and $ 250 for most hard shell golf travel cases.

Hard golf suitcase professionals

  • Maximum protection for clubs
  • Easy to lock
  • Mobile design for easy transport
  • Some use compression straps to keep the bag in place
  • Lots of interior padding

Disadvantages of the tough golf travel case

  • Heavy
  • More expensive than soft covers
  • Difficult to store when not in use

Best hard case for golf travel

Samsonite Golf Hard-Sided Travel Cover: available at Amazon

This bag offers great protection for the golf clubs as it has compression straps inside to keep the bag tight while traveling. It contains extra foam on the top of the interior to cushion the club heads.

Ram Golf Ultimate Hard-Sided Travel Cover: available at Amazon

This is one of the toughest golf travel cases, made of a reinforced ABS shell. It has four spinning wheels to make it easy to navigate around the airport.

SKB ATA Deluxe Standard golf travel case made of hard plastic: available at Amazon

This hard case uses a molded polyethylene to provide maximum protection for the rackets. It has a contoured shape to accommodate and protect the shape of the typical golf bag.

The soft golf travel bag is made of a hard-wearing and robust polyester fabric from which the bag is made. It closes with a zipper.

This soft case weighs a lot less than the hard-shell golf travel case, which makes it easier to transport through an airport. It often has a couple of wheels on the bottom, similar to soft sided luggage, which makes traveling easier.

Although the soft side golf travel case protects the clubs from dents and scratches during transport, it does not protect against possible crush damage.

Many soft golf travel cases have some padding inside, but not as much as the hard shells.

Allow $ 35 to $ 80 for the typical soft golf travel suitcase.

Soft golf suitcase professionals

  • Lightweight construction
  • Cheaper than hard case
  • Some have wheels for easy transportation
  • Uses tear-resistant fabrics
  • Some bags can be rolled up for storage when not in use

Disadvantages of the soft golf travel case

  • Not as durable as hard case
  • Less padding than hard case
  • Does not protect against crushing

Best soft golf travel covers

Himal Soft-Side Golf Travel Bag: available at Amazon

The Himal bag is made of a hard-wearing polyester fabric which, compared to other soft golf travel cases, offers a high level of protection for the clubs. It has a large shoulder strap and wheels so you can move it around comfortably.

OutdoorMaster Golf travel bag: available at Amazon

One of the most affordable golf travel cases, this model features a lightweight polyester fabric material that is also waterproof. It has a separate compartment for carrying golf shoes.

Athletico Padded Golf Travel Bag: available at Amazon

This Athletico case has a higher padding than many golf travel cases with a soft side. It uses a hard vinyl base to provide stability and additional protection in the lower area of ​​the case.

Should you get a hard golf travel case or a soft golf travel case?

For those who want maximum protection for golf clubs while traveling, the hard-shell golf travel case is the better choice. However, it is quite a bit more weight and cost than the soft sided golf travel case. So if you want to save some money and want easier transport, you will appreciate the golf travel case with a soft side.

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