Local golfer as inspiration for women

Local golfer as inspiration for women

Professional golfer and Farrarmere resident Leján Lewthwaite, 30, has excelled at this game since she started playing golf at the age of nine.

“Golf is my world, I dreamed of becoming a professional athlete as a little girl,” she says.

“I love to play golf because of the fantastic golf courses I can discover all over the world and the endless ability to keep challenging myself to get better.”

After enrolling at St. Dominic’s Catholic School for Girls in Boksburg, Lewthwaite received her BSc degree (cum laude) from Texas State University. Since then she has had numerous successes.

“One of my greatest achievements was being the first and so far only woman to win the men’s IGT tour twice.

“I acquired my full playing rights on the Ladies European Tour and kept my status after a year on tour.”

Leján Lewthwaite started playing golf at the age of nine. Photo: Indie Village Creative.

Leján Lewthwaite and her friend Ulricht van Duyker. Photo: Delivered.

Denise (left, Gran), Jamie (older sister), Bryan (uncle), Aaron (nephew), Kim (mother), Keegan (nephew), Allan (father), Barbara (Gran), Skylar (younger sister and Leján Lewthwaite Photo: Kim Schoeman.

She also won back to back on the Sunshine Ladies Tour last year.

“I started golfing because I wanted to be a professional in a sport that would allow me to play for a longer period of time,” she said.

“For example, professional tennis players have a much shorter career than golfers.”

It is a common misconception that golf is only played by men. When asked for her opinion on Lewthwaite, she said, “Women bring a whole different dimension to the game of golf and the sport in general.

“Investec, my sponsor, is serious about closing the pay gap between men and women and continuing to support local athletes to succeed on a global scale.”

The role models of this local are Annika Sorenstam and Tiger Woods.

“I admire both of their careers, how much they have achieved and what they have done for golf.”

Other sponsors include Taylormade (Morecorp South Africa), Skechers and Serengeti Estates.

“Investec helps cover golf-related expenses such as travel to tournaments and coaching / training, Taylormade sponsors my golf equipment and abacus clothing, Skechers sponsors my golf shoes, and Serengeti Estates gives me access to training facilities when I’m at home.”

Lewthwaite believes that she would not be where she is today without her family, boyfriend, coach, mental trainer and trainer.

“They all play an important role in my life, my well-being and my golf career,” she concluded.


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