Looking for the perfect made-to-measure shoes? Footjoy got you covered

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Golf Shoes

Like many golfers, Hannah Holden likes to coordinate her outfits. Now she wants to get the shoes just right

Regular readers will know that I love a bit of color matching – especially when it comes to matching my outfits with my golf shoes.

It’s one of my favorite things about team competitions. The recent Solheim and Ryder Cups and their bright colors of red and white against yellow and blue left me with a serious oath.

So while I, like most European fans, could barely watch the Americans rounding off the most overwhelming Ryder Cup victory of modern times on Sunday, I started jotting down some ideas for my own custom shoes.

Then I remembered that you can actually do this through the FootJoy MyJoys process, and it occurred to me that maybe not many people really know you can do this. So without further ado …

How does the FootJoy MyJoys process work?

First, you can choose from a variety of shoes with and without spikes as a base, as well as from lace and BOA offers …

FootJoy MyJoys

From here you have numerous color and material options. In the Premiere Styles, you can also add text and logos to the paragraphs to make your shoes even more personal …

FootJoy MyJoys

How did I style my MyJoys?

The biggest decision is choosing between styles. Do you want a classic premiere production model or a sportier Pro SL? I couldn’t make up my mind, so I decided to design one at a time. Greedy, I know …

FootJoy MyJoys

I love how you can contrast bright, bold colors with more subtle, lighter textures. This bright pink is a particular favorite of mine.

Adding logos to the heels of your shoes goes even further. The glowing rainbow is really cute and I like the fact that you can add charity logos like the pink breast cancer ribbon.

FootJoy MyJoys

Then of course there are team colors.

Do you have a specific team that you support? Why not design your shoes to celebrate that? Here are some classic firsts in Yorkshire whites and greens.

I’ve also added my initials, why not?

FootJoy MyJoys

Right, now it’s your turn. Visit the FootJoy MyJoys website to design your own pair and send it to me on Twitter or write in the comments. Let’s see who has the best design!

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