‘Love After Lockup’ Lizzie Kommes shares a huge life changing rebirth

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Golf Shoes

Former Love After Lockup star Lizzie Kommes has had an interesting year. It seems to address its ups and downs. Now she’s taking a big stand to erase part of her past. Well, at least cover it up. She also wants to cleanse herself of all the negativity that has plagued her for so many years. Here’s what Lizzie is doing to become a better version of herself.

From love after lockup to success

Photo credit: Lizzie Kommes Instagram

Not every love after lockup story ends on a positive note. Lizzie Kommes knows that only too well. She was arrested earlier this year. Unfortunately, it was her third arrest in eight months and left her with an ankle monitor. She seemed unimpressed by her new accessory as she floated in the pool with it and lived her best life. Lizzie had found a job and was starting to document how she had changed.

As a refresher, Lizzie first appeared in Love After Lockup with boyfriend Scott Davey. She had served eight years for a DUI and bribe. After her release, she joined the series spin-off Life After Lockup. The two had an up and down relationship until it seemed that neither could take it anymore. She moved on, but now it seems that she has really changed her life for the better.

Lizzie’s rebirth

After parting in levitation on her new ankle accessory in June, Lizzie embarked on a new adventure. To celebrate July 4th, she went paddling for the first time and documented it on her Instagram. The followers loved her energy and how much fun she was having. Next up was goat yoga, which is both silly and super relaxing.

Lizzie went golf for the first time on July 11th and carried on her best life. The continued hashtags emphasize that she is still sober. Again, the followers commented on how much fun they had, but found that they had no golf shoes. She also went skydiving, went to the trade fair, and even went on a date. She recently decided to be baptized to seal her rebirth.

Photo credit: Lizzie Kommes Instagram

Photo credit: Lizzie Kommes Instagram

This morning, Lizzie took her followers on a trip to the tattoo shop to erase something that had plagued her. It had the initials BB on the back that were an ex’s and she wanted to cover it with a 3D butterfly. The cartoon artist had done the BB ink and told her she would be back. Here it is to get rid of the evil. Fans celebrated them and said this: “You go, girl, so happy for you, keep it up, love you. ”

What do you think of Lizzie’s transformation? Let us know and don’t miss Life After Lockup Friday night on WEtv.

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