Mizuno Nexlite GS BOA Spikeless golf shoes

by | Dec 9, 2021 | Golf Shoes

Mizuno Nexlite GS BOA Spikeless Golf Shoes Deals

The headline of the Mizuno Nexlite GS BOA Spikeless golf shoes is their incredibly light weight. Each shoe weighs only 235 g (8.3 oz) and makes for an almost weightless feeling on the golf course. Very few of the best spikeless golf shoes come close to the Mizuno in terms of weight.

They are made on the same platform as the Mizuno Wave Nexlite 008 BOA golf shoe, but with a synthetic leather upper instead of a mesh upper.

Just because these shoes are lightweight doesn’t mean they aren’t solid or practical. Kuraray’s synthetic upper works with the BOA lacing system to keep your foot in place throughout the golf swing.


(Image credit: Mizuno)

Another notable feature is the excellent X10 rubber outsole. Although this is a spike-free shoe, we have found that it offers good grip even when wet. This in combination with the fully waterproof upper material means that this shoe can really be worn all year round. The combination of a fully waterproof and synthetic leather upper means that this one of the most breathable golf shoes falls easily down.

The all white version may be a little tricky to keep clean if you wear them all year round, but these shoes are easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.

With us, the styling leaves a little to be desired. While the BOA aesthetic is a person people either like or dislike, we think the general styling is a little plain in each of the two colors available.

Due to the sheer weightlessness, however, these shoes shine like no other that we have tested. If your feet or legs ache a lot after a round of golf, we highly recommend trying one of the best lightweight golf shoes on the market.

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