My golf swing is pure, unadulterated perfection

My golf swing is pure, unadulterated perfection

I find myself in the middle of controversy quite often. Usually it’s for something stupid that I’ve done and inflicted myself. This time it was because I swung a golf club for the first time in exactly a year.

It’s that simple: I was wearing an untied AF1 and the tea box was wet from all the damn rain we got in the Chicagoland area recently. My drive leg slipped a bit and my shoe somehow fell off. Looked like I broke my ankle:

I didn’t even notice it until my phone exploded. But guess which assholes? I don’t play golf more than 1-2 times a year and, ironically, haven’t played golf a single time in the wake of the pandemic, although that seems to be the only thing we’ve been allowed to do in the last 18 months or whatever.

~ no matter ~

Anyone who claims this is a dog-shit swing is lying when you consider that I don’t play golf, have hardly any clubs of my own, and have no golf shoes. It is good? No. But it’s enough to go up and down a course when I hit the links for my semi-annual round. If you say otherwise, you are a liar.

And here we are, days later, and my ankle is still a point of contention in the Twitter sphere. I even had to bring it up on Red Line Radio this week. Is it funny Yeah, it’s a fun picture. Do I think it’s worth talking about days later? No, I do not do it. The worst of “ridiculous” has been used to describe it, and I just don’t think that’s an appropriate adjective. “Sorta funny in an ‘I’ll forget it in 2 seconds'” I would describe it, but each his own, I suppose.

We also had two baseball teams fighting over the past week. The White Sox are fine. As good as gold. Sure, they have now won 3 in a row, but before that they looked like an asshole. This is what happens when your line-up is completely violated and you rely on guys like Leury Garcia to even give the appearance of insult. But we’ve got some good news lately as Eloy and Robert are both returning to baseball activities:

Oh, and the Blackhawks might be the dirtiest organization in the sport, which is obviously an accomplishment in itself. Chief breaks up all of the controversy in this episode and it’s NOT nice. Heads should roll, but they haven’t, at least not yet. What a fall from man. They could have been THE target organization in hockey. The Patriots of the NHL. But no. They are pathetic on the ice and bastards of it.

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