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by | Sep 19, 2021 | Golf Shoes


Emily Haas



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You have heard the phrase “all lightning, no substance”. But what about “all lightning, all substance”? If you’re looking for shoes that are at the intersection of useful and stylish, this week’s Spotlight article, the G / Drive golf shoe, is the place for you.

The G / Drive is one of the coolest new shoes in golf right now. It is completely waterproof – a must for a golf shoe – and has an elegant, sneaker-like look. Instead of laces, the shoe has a unique cable system that distributes tension evenly across the foot to ensure a perfect fit. The shoe is spikeless and easy to wear to and from the track, but has a two-piece rubber outsole with a proprietary non-slip traction pattern.

The shoe is available in three color options – black and white, white and red (my personal favorite), and gray and yellow. With autumn golf, a reliable and stylish waterproof shoe is an indispensable golf accessory to get you through the cold and unpredictable months to come. Click the button below to start shopping today!

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G / front G / drive

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Stylish golf shoes that are absolutely waterproof, extremely comfortable and will delight your playing partners.

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