Play with the best golf shoes – or at least – like a pro

Play with the best golf shoes - or at least - like a pro

Everyone who owns a green jacket knows that the right equipment is essential when golfing. It is a game that is highly dependent on the terrain and the weather; a change in wind direction or even the humidity of the grass can seriously affect a player’s swing and the speed of the ball. It is therefore critical that the correct putters, drivers and wedges are used. If you’re looking for fame, don’t skimp on the best of the best sets. The same feeling should be applied to golf shoes.

Every sport has its prescribed footwear. The type of sole, the curvature of the arch of the foot, the height of the tongue, and more all contribute to a player’s performance in a given environment. In golf, the game is usually played outdoors (some guys like the whole virtual thing) on ​​a manicured lawn that stretches for miles and miles. It really is a test of endurance and patience, and the ideal shoe must be able to support you.

Padded soles definitely help with those hours of lap, along with a breathable lining; Knitwear and synthetics work best. For the exterior, leather is just the thing. The material is durable and can hold off a little moisture, which is great for playing after rain. There are also some great synthetic options that will do the trick as well. The most important thing to consider – and what really defines a golf shoe – are the spikes. Spikes attached to the soles provide the necessary support to really stretch your swing without falling flat. Note: Some golf courses these days actually prohibit spikes, but there are many options that have strong rubber studs (sometimes called soft spikes) that work just as well.

Whether you are a beginner or a master, playing nine or 18 holes, check out our selection of the best golf shoes. And if you really want to keep your distance, everything will definitely help you own your own green jacket.

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