Reef’s signature bottle opener remains intact on its Spackler golf sandals

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Using the links on your leisure time means having the right gear is a must. Depending on the rules of the course, your clothes should be considered. Still, there may be some establishments that are a bit loose about dress codes. If you just want to relax and keep your feet ventilated, the Reef Spackler might be for you.

Avid golfers will likely disapprove of your decision, but once you show them the perfect swing, they may change their minds. What looks like your average pair of sandals is actually hiding a clever little secret. Golf shoes serve a specific purpose, which is to give you traction in your movements.

Reef equips the Spackler with leather straps and exchangeable cleats. Just like golf shoes, these are located in strategic areas of the outsole. Some may notice that it looks exactly like Mick Fanning’s model, but it definitely isn’t. To improve comfort, it has an air cushion in the heel area of ​​the midsole.

You will likely get some looks, but as long as you are comfortable, it doesn’t matter. In addition, not everyone can claim to open a bottle with their shoes. That’s right, Reef is known for sandals that come with a bottle opener on the sole.

The spackler won’t be the first to drop this handy feature, which is great. Unfortunately, those hoping to get one should do so soon. Reef only makes 100 pairs of its golf sandals, which will sell out quickly at $ 100.

Buy – $ 100

Images courtesy of Reef


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