Stand aside, Velcro. Weight activated self-lacing shoes are coming on the market


Somebody overslept and is late. The dog has to pee. A child does not have time to tie his shoes! People have to move!

Powerlace knows it and has the perfect solution: the world’s first bodyweight-activated self-lacing shoe.

“It’s an ‘overnight success story’ that has been in development for 10 years,” explains Powerlace founder Frédérick Labbé. “We recently received a patent for the shoes, but our team has invested more than ten years in developing the first bodyweight-activated, self-lacing shoe that fits perfectly,” says David Santagata, Marketing and Sales Director at Powerlace. “I’m happy to say that buyers love them!”

“I wear them all the time,” says a Powerlace customer. “I will probably never buy a pair of shoes again!”

Powerlace shoes are not only made of durable materials, they also rely solely on body weight to lace themselves. No batteries or electricity are required.

Made from durable high-end materials, space-grade reinforcement fibers – including laces that are 15 times stronger than steel – with an automatic lacing system. With advanced rubber soles, state-of-the-art mesh or Napa leather, they come with a wide range of colors and Dyneema laces that will never open.

“They’re so easy to put on,” says Jonathan Boisvert, Head of Innovation at Powerlace. “Just slide your foot into the shoe opening and let your body weight activate the automatic lacing system. It’s an individual fit every time. “

For quick, hands-free removal, Powerlace users simply press the heel release lever with the other foot.

The Powerlace shoe has been tested for walking and running on various surfaces, even under extreme conditions; it can withstand more than 10,000 self-lacing cycles.

Powerlace Urban leather models are available in black, blue and brown, while leisure mesh models are available in black and gray. A women’s line of Powerlace shoes is in development.

And it all started with a Kickstarter campaign. The Kickstarter for self-lacing bodyweight-activated Powerlace lace-up shoes has already increased its original target of $ 12,500 tenfold and shot to over $ 100,000 after just a week on the market.

“The tremendous response we have seen from our Kickstarter supporters shows that we are on a solid footing with this introduction,” says David Santagata, Marketing and Sales Manager at Powerlace.

Powerlace is also seeing high demand from retailers looking to sell the product in stores. The company is also planning boutique storefronts. Next up could be boots, golf shoes, and safety shoes. The Kickstarter price for Powerlace shoes is $ 159 for the mesh model and $ 185 for the urban leather model.


Located on Montreal’s South Shore, Powerlace improves people’s daily lives through cutting edge design and technology. It offers comfortable, durable, versatile, self-lacing shoes made from high quality materials and designed for unparalleled comfort. A team of highly qualified engineers, entrepreneurs and consultants from Quebec has invested more than ten years in developing the first perfectly fitting, body weight activated self-lace-up shoe.

Find out more on the Powerlace Kickstarter page:

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