Stephen Curry reveals how his daughter inspired the design of the Curry brand’s golf collection

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Golf Shoes

Everyone should learn how to use their free time from the star NBA players out there. They made music, went on family vacations, helped out a social cause, started a new business, and more. And when it comes to following Warriors’ Stephen Curry, one can hope to rack up a dose of golf and a dash of elite marketing to build a personal brand.


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Steph Curry recently started the Underrated Tour as a collaboration with the Rakuten brand. Then he teamed up with his wife Ayesha Curry to announce the Women’s Athletic Initiative for his alma mater. But now there is another big update from the star athlete.


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Stephen Curry takes its brand equity to a new level

Steph Curry’s obsession with golf is nothing new. After his father Dell Curry, the 7x All-Star is a regular at various American golf celebrity events. And now he’s ready to take that love to the next level with the introduction of his latest collection of golf from Curry Brand.

In his Insta-Post the 33-YO mentioned, “Not our job, just our obsession. Chasing birdies and tightening them down to the smallest detail for all 18 “ after the official words of the launch hit the headlines. From polo tees to spikeless golf shoes, the brand promises a thorough look, feel and a good gaming experience.

In the @Boardroom, @ StephenCurry30 discussed his vision for his new curry brand:

“The goal is not just me in the squad, but also other Curry Brand athletes in basketball, golf, other sports and entertainment. There is a huge opportunity there. ”Https://

– Nick DePaula (@NickDePaula) September 8, 2021

So here is the brand promotion of Curry. Now he wants to give his brand new ways so that he is not limited to basketball and non-hoop fans can also try out what his company has to offer.


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What’s behind this beautiful logo design?


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Well, the butterfly design is certainly inspired by his 6 year old daughter, Ryan Carson Curry. But there’s more to the well-thought-out logo design.

The logo consists of four parts and each part means the world for Steph Curry. The first two things the logo projects are the “SC” initials, which match the SC30’s brand image and Steph’s signature. Then it has a wing on top that projects the halo effect and reflects the overall good that the brand promotes. After all, the three parallel lines signal the three-pointer game that Curry has revolutionized over the past decade.


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With these brand updates, the three-time NBA champion wants to be Under Armor’s best ambassador and soon bring his brand to the heights only the GOATs have touched. So what do you guys say, can his brand ever match the success of Nike’s Jordan brand (remember Michael Jordan’s obsession with golf)? Help us know in the comments section below.

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