COSTS: $ 280.

TESTED BY: Jimmy Emanuel, Deputy Editor of Golf Australia.


FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The new Adidas ZG21 looks pretty much what I would expect from a premium golf shoe from the company. The style combines a sporty shoe with some classic golf accents to appeal to a wide range of people.

The almost masterful color scheme of green / white / yellow is also a nice touch.

When I took the shoes out of the box, I noticed how light they were. Then that stood out further, in addition to the amazingly soft comfort, combined with noticeable support and traction.

HOW YOU DID: Light golf shoes are certainly positive in my opinion. Walking a golf course, especially carrying the bag, is a decent little workout, and putting on a pair of heavy leather boots isn’t always comfortable.

But of course a “heavier” shoe in the past usually meant that it was firmer, more supportive and usually gave more traction when swinging the racket.

The Adidas ZG21 really makes it superfluous to compromise one aspect of performance against another when it comes to golf shoes.

As mentioned earlier, these shoes are very lightweight, so it feels like you’re wearing a good pair of sneakers on the court. The softness of the insole and the closed feeling of the design contribute to this.

However, there is no significant substitute for support or traction in the new model for weight reduction.

“There is no significant substitute for support or traction in the new model for weight reduction.”

When I ran on this course for the first time on a fairly hilly layout and unfortunately saw more of the golf course than I normally would like, my feet really felt trapped and supported the entire walk.

In terms of traction, the spike sole really laid a good foundation and you could already tell when wearing the ZG21 for the first time that such a soft and light shoe had the spike sole. Not bad, like feeling the spikes through the soles of my feet, just a new combination of what was usually a choice that took some getting used to with golf shoes.

The all-round offering of the ZG21 has really impressed me throughout the entire time I have been wearing it, but as it turned out the first time I took it out of the box, the light weight properties were the real highlight. Likewise, the connection with the bottom of the sole when walking and swinging the club.

As someone who runs a lot every day and who suffered from various foot pains from time to time, it was a pleasure to wear these shoes while walking on golf courses. And I never finished my lap with pain in my legs or feet, the ZG21 played a big part in that.

ADIDAS SAYS: Today’s golfers demand a lot from their shoes and we kept hearing that something was missing.

Whether one of our tour professionals or an everyday golfer, everyone wanted the same thing: a high-performance spike shoe that is light and extremely comfortable. We saw this as a challenge not only to fill that void that players were looking for, but also to create something exciting that will be at the forefront and bring a new category of spiked shoes to market.

After nearly two years, several prototypes, configurations and the introduction of our latest technologies to get everything right, we are introducing a product that heralds a new era in performance golf shoes for our brand: ZG21. It’s our latest offering that offers golfers of all levels a high-performance, spiked shoe that is lightweight without compromise.

ZG21 is our lightest shoe model with spikes and ‘BOOST’ cushioning. It is up to 20 percent lighter than comparable models with spikes that we previously had in our range, and significantly lighter than many competing models. But just being light wasn’t enough.

“ZG21 is truly a breakthrough achievement in terms of excellence,” said Masun Denison, Global Footwear Director of Adidas Golf. “We were able to combine the latest and greatest materials, innovations and manufacturing processes without having to forego anything. It changes the game for those who love shoes with spikes. “

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