Tested: FootJoy HyperFlex golf shoes

Tested: FootJoy HyperFlex golf shoes

COSTS: $ 279.95 (BOA); $ 249.95 (laced).

TESTED BY: Jimmy Emanuel, Deputy Editor of Golf Australia.

MODEL PLAYED: WRAPID, powered by the BOA Fit System.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The unique and almost non-golfing appearance of the HyperFlex shoes immediately convinced me. The knitting style and the trainer-like look make them the perfect driving range and leisure shoes for you.

My opinion has only risen when I’ve put on the shoes and felt the combination of comfort and support and am really impressed by the closed, yet soft feel of the new WRAPID and BOA-Fit system.

HOW YOU DID: When it comes to golf shoes, my personal taste is very different.

I love the classic leather upper and sole models, blending traditional style with solid construction to create a connection to the ground and a look reminiscent of the best-dressed players of the past.

I also have a penchant for modern, sport-inspired models that do their best to bring comfort and a different look to the golf course. And sometimes even new materials.

The bottom line … I have more than one pair of each.

With the latter, form and function sometimes did not go well together in the past. The look of a really comfy couple is easy to let down. Or the reverse imbalance.

But in the case of the HyperFlex, the balance is excellent for mine.

The look is great and a wide range of colors means this is not just what this author thinks. It is now even more comfortable to wear.

A soft foot feeling does not mean that you do without the grip, because the tested model wraps itself around my foot and locks me in place.

BOA models usually do this very well, but in order for the shoes to fit the way I want, the forefoot can often feel tight. With the new HyperFlex this certainly wasn’t the case, there was enough space (for lack of a better word) on the top of my foot to be without any discomfort, while the system was tight around the base of my ankle and towards the only one.

Traction is, of course, the other important performance aspect of a golf shoe, and in that regard, the HyperFlex cannot be faulted.

Regardless of the conditions under which I was testing the shoes, a slip or a misstep does not come to mind so easily.

An additional litmus test for this pair of shoes also passed with flying colors, with several people, both golfers and non-golfers, telling me how much they liked the look of the shoes.

That may not mean a lot to some, but I think a sporty pair of golf shoes needs to have a certain naturalness that goes beyond style, and the HyperFlex has proven itself that way.

As with all golf shoes, the HyperFlex isn’t for everyone, so it’s not the only shoe in the FootJoy range.

But since I’ve been on the fence on some of the company’s previous endeavors in this category, it certainly is for me.

The mix of support and comfort means it can be worn all day and feels like being in a more stable trainer, while its style makes it a very versatile option and appeals to a wide variety of golfers.

FOOTJOY SAYS: As part of FootJoy’s ongoing commitment to performance innovation, the all-new HyperFlex is specifically designed for golf to provide incredibly smooth comfort and performance along with a support that gives the golfer energy back.

HyperFlex features an advanced midsole / outsole combo that incorporates two new technologies that deliver unparalleled comfort and performance where you need them on the golf course.

FJ’s “StratoFoam” cushioning is a proprietary foam blend that provides optimal support and comfort in all conditions. This midsole design offers the perfect blend of cushioning that absorbs shock while maximizing energy return to reduce foot fatigue.

The brand new ‘OptiFlex’ outsole design features two flex grooves that naturally flex with your foot for comfort, as well as a thin, semi-rigid TPU flex plate that promotes multidirectional flexion and traction where you need it on your golf swing.

“When you get started with HyperFlex, you will find that the shoe moves in unison with the foot,” said Chris Tobias, vice president of FJ Footwear. “This new outsole technology is designed to mimic the natural curve of the foot, so you not only get a great hiking shoe, but a shoe that maximizes ground force with every movement of the golf swing.”

HyperFlex features breakthrough performance fit technology that comes with sporty-inspired styling and materials in both a laced version and the all-new WRAPID powered by the BOA Fit System.

This innovative new system has an asymmetrical configuration that ensures a targeted, precise fit with reduced pressure on the top of the foot. It allows the shoe to move with you, encloses your foot in complete safety and at the same time provides powerful support during the swing.

For more information, visit www.footjoy.com.au

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