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The Best Golf Equipment Of 2022, So Far

It’s hard to believe but we’re fast approaching the midway point of 2022, with golf season now in full swing around the globe. And it’s been an exciting start to the year when it comes to golf equipment, as great new products spanning multiple categories have been released over the course of the last few months.

At Golf Monthly, we’ve already released our Editor’s Choice awards for 2022, but we wanted to take an even deeper dive into some of the products that have been standouts in our eyes to date. That being the case, we reached out to members of our Review/Buying Advice team with a handful of questions to gather insight about some of their favorite golf equipment releases so far this year, as well as what they’re looking forward to in the second half of 2022.

If you’re currently in the market for new golf gear, you might glean some ideas from the answers below about good options for your game or possibly discover products you were previously unaware of but might like to find out more about. Enjoy and play well!

The Best Golf Equipment Of 2022, So Far


Titleist Vokey SM9 wedges

Several members of the Golf Monthly review team have been impressed with the new Titleist Vokey SM9 wedges.

(Image credit: Future)

AW: This is an easy one. The Titleist Vokey SM9 wedges have somewhat transformed my short game and approach play from 130 yards and in. Optimized by my first wedge fitting, the gapping at the lower end of my bag now gives me so much more versatility on full shots, while the bounce options mean I can tailor my shot choice around the greens based on the situation I’m faced with. The looks remain unrivaled and I opted for the black finish for the first time, which I absolutely love! These are definitely among the best wedges on the market. 

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PowaKaddy CT8 GPS Electric Trolley

Dan Parker had high expectations for the PowaKaddy CT8 GPS electric trolley and it lived up to the hype.

(Image credit: Future)

3. What’s one product you have tested so far in 2022 that you had high expectations for that fully lived up to those expectations?

DP: The new PowaKaddy CT8 GPS. I knew this was going to be a one of the best electric golf trolleys and PowaKaddy has not disappointed. Having the embedded GPS on such a compact trolley chassis was even more convenient than I could’ve expected, and I also think it really looks the part in the all-black colorway.

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callaway chrome soft x golf ball

The 2022 Callaway Chrome Soft X delivers impressive all-around performance, including plenty of distance and spin.

(Image credit: Golf Monthly)

NT: Callaway Chrome Soft X golf ball. I was really impressed by the all-around performance on offer from the Callaway Chrome Soft X. This was very fast and long off the tee but the spin control into and around the greens was outstanding. A premium product that really lived up to its price tag and one of the best golf balls in the game.

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Blue Tees Series 3 Max Laser Rangefinder

The Blue Tees Series 3 Max rangefinder offers performance that belies its price tag.

(Image credit: Future)

JT: Probably the Blue Tees Series 3 Max laser rangefinder. For $259 you’re getting so much value. It looks cool but performs too — the accuracy and clarity through the display is on par with the best Bushnell rangefinders and the speed at which the correct distance is displayed means your pre-shot routine isn’t at all disjointed and you can just focus on the shot at hand. 

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Sun Mountain C-130 cart bag

The 2022 version of the Sun Mountain C-130 cart bag has continued a storied legacy for the popular franchise.

(Image credit: Golf Monthly)

CW: As easy choice here as the Sun Mountain C-130 cart bag gets the nod. The C-130 has been a staple in Sun Mountain’s bag lineup for nearly two decades now. Golfers love it and I fully expected it to be outstanding, which it was. It’s stable and quiet on a cart, and the storage it offers is impressive. The C-130 also looks sharp and there are excellent color options to choose from. Certainly there are a lot of great options out there in the cart bag category, but in my opinion the C-130 remains the gold standard. If you ride when you play, this bag has to be one to consider.

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Ping Glide 4.0 Wedge

Ping’s new Glide 4.0 wedges excel when it comes to spin and offer a number of impressive sole grind options.

(Image credit: Golf Monthly)

AW: The Ping Glide 4.0 wedges. It was many moons ago that I last used Ping wedges, having switched and stuck with Titleist Vokeys since. I was excited to see how things have progressed, especially given the claims that the hosel transition and high-toe design of the Eye2 sole profile made it ‘the ultimate bunker club.’ While impossible to definitively say one way or the other, I can tell you it didn’t disappoint, nor did the more traditional grinds. One of my biggest testing takeaways was the spin on offer – truly incredible!

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The shoe and outsole of the Ecco Biom C4 golf shoe

Dan Parker can’t get enough of the Ecco Biom C4 golf shoes, which have taken comfort to new heights for him.

(Image credit: Future)

4. What’s one product you have tested so far in 2022 that vastly exceeded your expectations?

DP: The Ecco Biom C4 golf shoes. I knew going into this test that Ecco makes some of the most comfortable golf shoes on the market, but Biom C4 has taken comfort to new heights for me. The super soft leather on the upper and the brilliantly cushioned insole make it feel like you’re walking on air, and they are also one of the most breathable golf shoes I’ve ever tested. Looks wise, they exceeded my expectations, too. Ecco perhaps has a bit of a stereotype of being a shoe for the older golfer, but this athletic silhouette should blow that stereotype out of the water. I’ve tested a lot of golf shoes this year and the Biom C4 is the one I keep going back to when playing casually.

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PXG 0211 Driver Review

PXG is known for its pricey golf equipment but the highly affordable 0211 driver proved to be a surprising standout for Neil Tappin during testing.

(Image credit: Future)

NT: It would be a toss up between the PXG 0211 driver and the Snell Golf MTB-X ball. With a starting price of $229, my expectations of the PXG 0211, which was released in 2021, were fairly modest. However, after a full fitting session in March, I ended up with a model that was up there with the easiest-to-hit drivers I’ve tested this year. Likewise the Snell ball offered premium levels of performance (especially in the long game) for a more affordable price.

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JT: The TaylorMade Stealth irons. I knew they would be long but they felt way better than I thought they would and they’re just so straight. The consistency across the face is going to help golfers find more greens and that’s all you can ask from an iron, especially in that game-improvement space where golfers need something user friendly.

TecTecTec KLYR Laser Rangefinder

The TecTecTec KLYR rangefinder exceeded Chris Wallace’s expectations in terms of its speed, accuracy, and functionality, all of which come at a great price.

(Image credit: Golf Monthly)

CW: I have two choices here, the Maxfli Tour X golf ball and the TecTecTec KLYR rangefinder. Both of these products offer incredible performance but also immense value at their respective price points. The Tour X was a revelation in terms of how it performed from tee to green and it’s one of the best premium golf balls I’ve tested, while the KLYR offers the accuracy, speed, and functionality of the best laser rangefinders, many of which can cost twice as much.

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PXG sugar daddy wedge

PXG’s Sugar Daddy II wedges deliver exceptional spin and a high level of forgiveness.

(Image credit: Future)

AW: I would probably say the PXG Sugar Daddy II wedges here. With very little experience with this brand going into the testing process, I was skeptical given the lofty price tag usually attached to PXG clubs. However, I found these wedges to rival anything else I’ve tested in this category so far this year. In particular, they are really easy to flight however you like, while the brand has introduced more versatility to the range this year in terms of bounce options and groove design. They are also among the most forgiving wedges.

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Ping G425 iron

Could a replacement for the Ping G425 iron be coming this fall? Joel Tadman and Neil Tappin are among those who are anxious to see what Ping has planned.

(Image credit: Future)

5. What company are you most looking forward to seeing new product releases from in the second half of 2022?

DP: I’m excited to test the new Motocaddy M7 GPS electric trolley. I think the M5 GPS is one of the best trolleys on the market right now, so to have this GPS functionality embedded into a remote golf trolley is exciting . I’m hearing whispers that there will be a big launch from Powakaddy later this year, too, so the second half of 2022 looks to be an exciting one for the electric golf trolley market.

NT: Ping and Titleist. With TaylorMade and Callaway taking center stage at the start of 2022, I’m keen to see what Ping and Titleist have in store. For me, many of the new technologies we’ve seen are making clubs more consistent in terms of ball speed and spin rates. I’m keen to see how both of these brands attempt to move things forward.

JT: It’s got to be Ping’s new G Series, which is due later this year. The G425 range is so impressive, from driver down to iron. It caters to so many different player types and just makes the game seem easier. With Ping, it’s usually a forgiveness and playability story, so I’m curious to see how they can cram in even more off-center assistance on the drivers and irons. 

Titleist TSi3 driver

Andrew Wright is excited to see what Titleist has in store for the fall, which could include an update to the highly successful TSi driver lineup.

(Image credit: Future)

CW: I’m looking forward to seeing what Cleveland does in terms of new wedges, which are likely coming in the fall based on the company’s typical product cycle. I usually lean toward Cleveland wedges when it comes to my bag, and I absolutely loved everything about the RTX 4. That said, the ZipCore models weren’t my favorites, which admittedly was a surprise to me, so I’m definitely interested to see what their replacements look like.

AW: There’s something about Titleist for me that screams class, so that’s what I’m going with. Especially with Callaway and TaylorMade hogging the limelight so far in 2022, it’ll be interesting to see what comes next from one of their main competitors. Whether it’s a new range of Titleist drivers, irons, or both, I look forward to finding out how they stack up and if they could make their way into my bag.

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