The best ways for a medium handicap golfer to invest in their game

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Michael Hunt, top 100 teachers

October 8, 2021

In golf, as in real estate, one always strives for a better neighborhood. There are many things that go into advancement – also known as improving your handicap – and one of them is money. The stereotype that you can’t buy a better game? Nonsense. Spend wisely and you will be ready to climb the leaderboard this season. So I created three master plans – based on skill – for a budget of $ 5,000 so that you can think clearly about how to use your golf money more wisely on the fairways and in the pro shop. Here are the best ways for a medium handicap golfer to invest in their game.

The best ways for a medium handicap golfer to invest in their game

$ 200 per hour instructor, 10-hour package: $ 2,000

– Refine mechanics
– Dial in driver
– Game plan and strategy on the pitch

Tournament and / or league fees: $ 132

There’s nothing like competitive golf for feedback on the demands of your game.

Six dozen Titleist Tour soft golf balls: $ 210

High quality “fresh eggs” without breaking the bank.

MNML V2 golf bag: $ 249

Fewer grams per hoof can mean fewer hits – and a healthier back.

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MNML x GOLF stand bag

$ 330

We have teamed up with our friends at MNML Golf – the inventors of the high-tech bag in the market – to bring you a limited edition GOLF branded bag. Weighing just five pounds, it has a solar battery for on-court charging, a bluetooth speaker, and a cell phone holder film pouch that is compatible with cell phones of all sizes. Read more about why we LOVE this bag here.

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J. Lindeberg Brad polo: $ 100

Contemporary fit and style. Look good, play good.

Gapping session: $ 75

Spend an hour with a professional or fitter learning your exact yards.

Bushnell Tour V5 Rangefinder: $ 300

It will prove to be even more practical after your gapping session.

Bushnell Tour V5 Patriot Pack Laser

$ 299.99

Bushnell has added even more clarity and improved jerk technology to the Tour V5 Shift. The Tour V5 Shift is equipped with an integrated BITE Magnetic Cart Mount and a newly designed premium carrying case. Each rangefinder is also equipped with a CR2 battery. This device offers 6x magnification and can reach targets up to 400+ yards. Due to the visual JOLT technology, it is equipped with Pinseeker. The clearer and brighter optics allow you to see your target much more easily and the distance is shown much more clearly. Andrew Tursky, Senior Equipment Editor at, mentioned these as a potential top cause of headaches on the course.

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SuperFlex Golf Fitness Kit: $ 75

Easy-to-use bands and training grips, ideal for improving strength and flexibility.

Adidas S2G golf shoes: $ 100

Those comfortable kicks say “I am a gamer”.

Wedge mount and three wedges: $ 700

It is time to take advantage of these scoring opportunities.

Driver customization and new driver: $ 889

It’s time to create more scoring opportunities.

Perfect Putting Mat: $ 170

Better roll it with the exercise mat used by the professionals.

Total: $ 5,000

Do you want to overhaul your bag for 2021? Find a suitable location near you at the GOLF subsidiary True Spec Golf.

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