WATCH: Justin Thomas’ heartwarming gesture sends young golf fans into a frenzy

WATCH: Justin Thomas' heartwarming gesture sends young golf fans into a frenzy

As you grow up, you tend to idolize celebrities who inspire them. This includes athletes of all sports who are considered heroes to children as they hope to play the same game. Often times, athletes give away shoes, a band, or even a towel to a lucky fan they meet – to inspire as much as possible. Justin Thomas recently committed such an act.


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In a recent video uploaded by a proud and excited dad, Justin Thomas is giving away his shoes to a little Northern Trust fan. Of course, the video got a lot of positive reactions. Other fans appreciated Thomas’ gesture and recognized how amazing the kid must have felt when they met their idol in real life.


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Justin Thomas gives his fan a pair of studs at the Northern Trust

While the Northern Trust continues, the father shared the video online and thanked Thomas for his gesture. “Life has gotten so much better for my son,” he wrote, adding that he had no words for Thomas. People shared and liked the video on Twitter, some also replied. Fans commented on how JT liked the fans t-shirt with his face on it, others just appreciated the gesture.

Talk about some big shoes that you need to fill.

– Freethinkers – Do not comply ⭕️ πŸš€πŸŒ– (@robertpgill) August 18, 2021

He can look forward to growing into them.

– Josh Matney (osh JoshMatney3) August 18, 2021

Eventually, the PGA Tour even shared the video.

“There he is, see him right there,” says the father and points to Thomas, who enters the picture, where the boy replies with an amorous ‘no way’ while he points to his new golf shoes.

Golf – Scottish Open – The Renaissance Club, North Berwick, Scotland, Great Britain – July 11th 2021 Justin Thomas from the USA in the finals REUTERS / Russell Cheyne

Thomas soon discovers them and hands the child the shoes with a ‘Here it goes, buddy’. The father remains surprised and asks Thomas if he was really serious. β€œIt will probably take a while to fit you, but that’s all,” Thomas adds as he walks away, and the father thanks JT.

The kid then walks by before the video ends and shows the new shoes in the camera.


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The child also met Thomas personally, who eventually posted a photo of it on his Instagram story. He poses with the young fan and writes: This wins my award as the favorite shirt of saying. The shirt was sort of a collage of Thomas’ pictures.


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The Northern Trust eventually shared the same video on their Twitter account, with many people saying how excited the kid looked.


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