Youth golfers have many great clothing options for the coming season

Youth golfers have many great clothing options for the coming season

2020 was an incredibly strange and uneven year for the sport, not just for the professionals but also for the youth and the local level. And while golfers got back into action earlier than most athletes at these levels, it can be said that many young golfers have missed normal school hours, tournament structures, and so on.

However, things will be a lot more normal when school and sports schedules resume this fall, which of course means that many golfers from the area expect to get back into action early. And given these circumstances, it only seems fitting that there will be a lot of fun golf apparel and equipment going on in 2021. As golfers in the region prepare for autumn tournaments and school exercises, we thought we should point out some of the highlights that can make this exciting return to normal even more enjoyable.

Jordan brand golf shoes

The Nike Jordan brand has made it a habit of bringing out golf shoes for years. Michael Jordan himself is known as an avid (if not obsessed) golfer, so it’s no surprise that he expanded one of the world’s most iconic athletic shoe brands to include golf. This year, however, a particularly exciting release is on the way with the Air Jordan 4 Golf Flight Suit. In the ranking of shoes that the Jordan brand has worn for decades, notable lists usually top the Air Jordan 4, making it an iconic shoe among sneakerheads. But this version of the shoe, upgraded for golf and showcasing the teal color of the Charlotte Hornets basketball franchise (which Jordan owns), really is something special. The Jordan 4 has already been redesigned for golf, but not in this color scheme. Because of this, they will be in great demand. However, they will also add some fun to any young player in the exciting new golf season.

A lucky Gilmore kit

It may be nearly 25 years old, but Happy Gilmore is still a popular golf comedy and one that does pretty well for younger generations. With all of this in mind, many young golfers will no doubt be thrilled to learn that Extra Butter and Adidas have teamed up to create a golf collection that will celebrate the iconic movie. The collection features are reminiscent of characters and scenes from Happy Gilmore and are even marketed by Christopher McDonald himself (who plays golf villain shooter McGavin in the film). Best of all, though, this line isn’t just a parody. It’s attractive, functional, and comfortable, so it’s fun and useful on the pitch. (Our favorite note is the finger gun logo that has been subtly worked into some of the pieces.)

Birds Of Condor Apparel

Last but not least, we’d like to highlight the growing importance of a vibrant and stylish clothing brand called Birds Of Condor. The brand actually originated in Australia a few years ago and basically stated its mission to provide golfers with fashion options that incorporate the fun of golf without the uptight or “uptight” aspects of the sport. The result is basically a lifestyle sportswear brand that is perfect for the golf course but also for everyday wear – and frankly, it’s way more attractive than many of the more common golf lines out there. Nowadays, the company designs everything from fun hats to men’s and women’s tops to golf towels and ball markers. They are all good things and it is good to capture how many young people are starting to develop and modernize the sport.

With options like these for gear and tackle, an exhilarating return to regular golf gets even more festive this fall.


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