241 MIRC recruits take part in POP | Nashik news

by | Sep 16, 2021 | Golf Training

Nashik: Up to 241 recruits from the Ahmednagar-based Mechanized Infantry Regimental Center (MIRC) took part in a fainting parade (POP) in Akhaura Drill Square on MIRC grounds on Thursday.
These recruits were attested during the event and accepted the promise to be loyal soldiers in the Indian Army.
Southern Command MG Adm, Maj. Gen. Padam Singh Shekhawat, surveyed the parade during the ceremony as the recruits demonstrated their professional training and marching practice in the presence of the MIRC serving soldiers and families. Shekhawat complimented them on completing their education. He also urged them to be thorough professional soldiers and to perform their duties with the utmost honesty and devotion.
According to age-old traditions, the parade adjutant, Major RS Jasrotia, took the oath of loyalty and duty of the recruits.
Recruit Pankaj Yadav from the golf training company took first place overall and was awarded the General Sundarji Gold Medal. Recruit Dayaram Gurjar, also from the golf training company, received the silver medal from General KL D’Souza and Aashik Rai from the Foxtrot training company received the bronze medal from General Pankaj Joshi.
The parents of the recruits could not be present at the event due to the pandemic situation.