9 training aids that are sure to improve your game

9 training aids that are sure to improve your game

When it comes to finding the best golf products, every golfer needs a little guide. Don’t sweat, we’ve got you covered! For our new one The best of all Series, we scoured the golf accessories, apparel, and game enhancements section to find the best for your game. Think of us as your personal shopping assistant.


The most common question about golf training aids, do they work? The simple answer: yes, most golfers can benefit from quality training aid, but they won’t solve every problem.

It’s rare that our editors here at GOLF.com come across a training aid that doesn’t work, but we’ve also never tested a training aid that is perfect for every golfer. They are just not one size fits all. Training aids are designed to address a specific problem. Your goal as a golf consumer is to find out what the problem is in your swing and what tools are there that can actually help you fix it. Training aids are not magic wands that will turn you into a scratch golfer overnight.

The prices vary a lot. You can find some excellent tools for as little as $ 20. Typically, they’re in the $ 50 to $ 100 range, especially for training aids that are established or that you might spot on a PGA tour or LPGA event on the track.

With that in mind, here are some of the best golf training aids for your game.


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