Chiropractic, Massage Clinic in Cleary open to the public, golf training is coming

Duncan Chiropractic Group co-owners Kevin Michalak, left, and Mike Hilton sit in a chiropractic treatment room in their new clinic location, Friday, February 28, 2020. It is open at the Cleary University athletics and wellness facility in the Genoa community.

Partnerships between Cleary University and Livingston County companies bring new services not only to student athletes but also to the general public.

The University’s Genoa Township campus has redesigned its Performance & Wellness Center at 977 Grand Oaks Drive on campus to support student athletics.

The university has partnered with the Brighton Chiropractic and Massage Clinic Duncan Chiropractic Group, which opened its second location on Wednesday in a 1,200-square-foot section of the center.

They also have a 400 square meter sports recreation center in the works. It will be equipped with equipment to help athletes recover after the competition. This room will also be available to sports coaches with MercyElite Sports Performance working with student athletes.

In addition, a future golf training academy with two golf simulators and a lounge area will be opened for student athletes and the general public alike.

The university is partnering with Brighton-based OptiShot Golf on the approximately 2,000 square meter future facility, the Cleary University OptiShot Golf Training Academy, which is being built in the corner of an existing gym and kitchen demonstration room.

“It will continue to establish Cleary University as a common good,” said Matt Bennett, senior vice president of institutional advancement.

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“We have to be good community partners and understand the economic impact a university can have in this community,” he said. “We want to serve the community.”

A ribbon cut on March 26th will celebrate the partnership between Cleary University and the Duncan Chiropractic Group and allow attendees to tour the center. It runs from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Duncan Chiropractic Group opened a new chiropractic and massage therapy clinic in Cleary University's athletics and wellness facility.  Standing in the lobby from left are co-owner Mike Hilton, clinic director Adam Leibinger, Cleary University official Matt Bennett, and co-owner Kevin Michalak on Friday, February 28, 2020.

Duncan Chiropractic Group’s co-owner Mike Hilton said talks about opening a second clinic site at Cleary University began after his company sponsored the school’s Lake Trust Stadium and MS Field, which opened in 2018.

“We first talked about how about getting involved as a team chiropractor and offering massage and chiropractic care to the off-site athletes?” said Hilton. “Then a room was identified in the front part of the wellness center. We discussed what we could do, that would be really unique.”

It was an opportunity for the Duncan Chiropractic Group, which Hilton co-owns with chiropractor Kevin Michalak, to expand into the Howell area, he said.

Michalak said he is excited to be part of the improvements to the Cleary University campus.

“We’re excited to be a practice in Howell because we’ve worked with people from all over Livingston County and it’s convenient for the people of Howell,” he said.

The chiropractor Adam Leibinger will manage the new clinic location.

Chiropractor Adam Leibinger, shown on Friday February 20, 2020, heads the Duncan Chiropractic Group's new clinic in Cleary University's athletics and wellness facility.

Nicholas Solverson, another chiropractor at the clinic, is trained and certified in the treatment of golfers by the Titleist Performance Institute.

According to Hilton, Solverson can partner with golfers who train at the OptiShot facility.

The future 400 square meter recreation center will be modeled on the US Olympic & Paralympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Hilton spent a few weeks there in 2018 looking after the Team USA athletes.

“They have an amazing facility out there. We are taking that as a model and will be using and buying equipment to speed post-competition recovery which will improve athlete performance,” he said.

For example, the center will have NormaTec compression therapy boots that help athletes overcome sore muscles and provide other benefits. The boot massage with pulses that, among other things, push lactic acid out of the body, he said.

Athletics program is growing

The athletics department has grown from fewer than 10 student athletes in the 2012-2013 academic year to more than 350 expected to play on university teams over the next year, Bennett said.

The university once had only men’s and women’s cross-country skiing and golf teams. Now there are 16 teams.

The athletics and wellness center is home to two basketball courts, weight and cardio equipment, offices for the athletics department, and a new wrestling facility that opened last year.

The university opened its Lake Trust and MS Field multisport stadiums in 2018. It is used by Cleary’s baseball, lacrosse, soccer, baseball, and softball teams.

The school has also partnered with several other companies in the county to take advantage of existing sports facilities. The hockey program uses the Hartland Ice House in the Hartland parish. The Howell Bowl-E-Drome is used by his bowling program. Men’s and women’s golf teams use the Chemung Hills Golf Club & Banquet Center in the Oceola community.

Bennett said further campus improvements are planned, which the university will announce at a later date.

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