Chuck Quinton, founder of Rotary Swing, launches AXIOM Golf

by | Oct 14, 2021 | Golf Training

Montrose, Colorado, October 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Chuck Quinton, founder of Rotary Swing, one of the world’s most popular online golf training programs, recently launched his latest innovation that aims to revolutionize the golf swing and teaches online: the AXIOM Golf Training Program.

With AXIOM, you can learn to swing the best golfers in the world in just ten minutes with a simple feeling. It allows amateur golfers to play by feel and not by mechanical thought, helping subscribers instantly discover a perfect natural rhythm and pace while teaching the right basics.

The tutorial is based on three simple, easy-to-follow steps based on the groundbreaking AXIOM that will make learning a consistent golf swing faster than ever.

Chuck Quinton has helped thousands of students of all levels, including many PGA Tour players, improve their golf swing. “The rotary swing is safer for your body than any other swing, it is more powerful and consistent because it is based on an understanding of your body that is designed to move,” says Quinton, “and with the AXIOM we have that The full potential of the golf swing is exploited with an online golf training program that anyone at any level can easily master. ”

The program costs $ 47 a month and gives subscribers instant access to Rotary Swing’s proprietary 3-tier system, as well as access to a private discussion community where certified Rotary Swing instructors answer all questions about their swing and a community in the golfer can discuss their progress with others who have mastered the AXIOM.

Amid lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, and other social distancing restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, golf has enjoyed a moment in the sun, with growing interest from men and women of all ages. Whether rounds played or retail sales, golf is enjoying an unprecedented boom.

Golf Datatech, a leading independent market research firm specializing in retail sales, consumer and trade trend analysis, states that the rounds played through June 2021 were up nearly 23% compared to 2020 and high single digits compared to 2019, clubs, shoes, bags , Gloves, distance devices) increased by 78% compared to 2020 and 41% compared to 2019, while golf apparel is recovering 68% compared to 2020 after a challenging year in 2020.

“We are seeing tremendous interest from beginners who want to learn the basics of golf and experienced players who want to improve their swing and protect themselves from injury,” said Quinton. “The AXIOM is built on the shoulders of the DEAD drill, but teaches you how to do the perfect mechanics of the DEAD drill by feeling, instead of having to learn the swing in ‘pieces’. Instead of dividing the swing into an infinite number of small steps, you can finally learn the swing as one overarching movement. The AXIOM is a revolutionary advance in online golf training. “

About Chuck Quinton

Chuck Quinton is the founder of Rotary Swing and a former teaching professional at Castle Pines Golf Club in Colorado. He also founded the Rotary Swing Golf Academy at the Ritz Carlton Golf Club in Orlando, Florida, where he teaches golf during the winter months.

Chuck Quinton is the author of the popular golf textbook “The Rotary Swing”, which has sold thousands of copies worldwide, as well as the instructional DVD series “Swing Plane Made Simple” and “Short Game Made Simple” and most recently the “Certification Manual for Rotary Swing Tour” .

Chuck Quinton’s instructional website,, is now one of the largest golf instructional sites on the Internet, with thousands of daily visitors, and is home to over 300 instructional videos by Chuck Quinton and over 150 articles he has written. His videos on YouTube have been viewed millions of times and he has appeared numerous times as a guest on ESPN Sports Radio as well as on numerous local radio shows across the country.

Chuck Quinton has helped thousands of students of all skill levels including many players on the PGA Tour, Tour, European PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, Futures Tour, Hooters Tour, Gateway Tour, and numerous other mini tours. Chuck Quinton. Has spent thousands of hours of relentless research, constant training, and hard work developing Rotary Swing.

About Rotary Swing

A recognized leader in online golf training, Rotary Swing has helped thousands of golfers achieve their full game potential. Rotary Swing uses science-based training methods, dedicated professional instructors, and an extensive collection of online resources to provide straightforward swing improvement techniques to golfers of all ages and levels.

With free and premium memberships, thousands of golfers of all levels enjoy Rotary Swing content at their own pace. Rotary Swing was founded in 2004 by Master Instructor Chuck Quinton.

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