Fiery PGA Pro Golfer uses their Roush Super Duty 2021 for both work and summer fun

Fiery PGA Pro Golfer uses their Roush Super Duty 2021 for both work and summer fun

Though the rumor mill suggests that Roush Performance is something very Bronco in nature, it seems that the Livonia, Michigan-based high-performance aftermarket company is looking at something alien, at least officially. As such, it has recently been promoting its vehicles through various fancy collaborations. Strictly speaking, apart from the Roush Ford Bronco 2021, the company has occasionally annoyed itself, the aftermarket high-performance specialist is almost finished with its list of innovations for the 2021 model year. So what is left but to promote it by all means necessary? And the brand’s strategists seem to find interesting and bizarre ways to do this.

For example, they provided a charged helping hand (along with a Roush F-150 to tow the boat in 2021) to Indmar Marine Engines. It is a company that specializes in turning the Super Duty V8 mill into the Raptor inboard series of 6.2 liter marine engines. Well, this could have sparked a Eureka spark for Roush as the company next unveiled the Ford F-Series Super Duty 2021.

But it’s not just any high-performance pickup truck in sight. Instead, it belongs to Harold Varner III, a PGA Tour Pro golfer star who seemingly “lives his life to the fullest every day.” And that includes using their Super Duty build for pretty much anything, according to Roush. Seriously, there is a wide range of “chores” on display, from golf training to picking up the trash from the house.

Of course, this is not just work and not fun. As such, the Roush Super Duty seems a decent companion for both summer (boat) road trips, simple old grass and dirt eater off-road entertainment, as well as the quieter (but fiery – see what we mean) 1:52 mark ) Moments of relaxation. And it should be, because Roush gives the truck a healthy dose of performance styling for at least $ 14,150 over the base vehicle to expand its already proven capabilities.


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