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From ‘Fore!’ to 5G.

When it comes to hitting a golf swing, improving your skills can be difficult and expensive. In today’s Up To Speed, presenters Andy Choi and Matt Fiedler find an exciting new way for all of us to improve our game, be it on the fairway or in a variety of other sports.

Thanks to the AR Pro Interactive App, available in the Google Play Store and App Store, top athletes can now be your personal coach using augmented reality to change the game. You can learn from the pros and compare your shape to theirs to improve technique. The app uses volumetric capture to deliver immersive learning experiences, engaging content and unique, shareable social moments.

Even better, PGA star Tony Finau makes sure this golf training app is set up properly. Tony took some time to talk to Andy about this great technology, and that conversation was attended by one of Tony’s favorite Pro-Am gaming partners, Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg!

“I’m so happy about it. We knew that exercise would be one of the first uses of 5G, ”said Hans. “This app is a great way to get so much closer to the sports you love.”

Fans will hear a lot about Verizon’s strategy during the US Open this week. The latest installment in our 5G Built Right campaign features a spot about Verizon’s critical role in making businesses safer. Throughout the tournament broadcast, you’ll see five spots that show how only Verizon builds 5G right, demonstrating the relentless passion and pursuit of our engineers. As the campaign says: “We push ourselves. It’s Verizon versus Verizon. And who wins? You.”

If you want a simple but powerful tip from Tony on how to improve your golf game, or if you want to learn more about what Tony thinks of Hans’ game, watch the full conversation between Hans, Tony, and Andy.

Many thanks to Tony Finau and good luck at the Open this week.

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