Girls from state schools take part in the first golf camp in Kashmir

Girls from state schools take part in the first golf camp in Kashmir

For the first time, girls from Kashmir’s state schools have the opportunity to take part in golf training camps. The main goal of the move is to give girls the opportunity to learn the sport and develop their interest and eventually become professional golfers. The camp was organized by the Department of Youth Sports and Services of Jammu and Kashmir in cooperation with the Department of Tourism and the Kashmiri authorities. The country’s first golf course recently reopened and the girls’ training camp is an initiative to promote sport among young people.

Abdul Qayoom, the training camp in charge, told the ANI news agency that games like kho-kho and badminton were previously played, but it was the first time girls were introduced to golf. “For girls who want a career in golf, this is the platform to showcase their performance. Golf was considered an elite sport,” he said.

Training among experts

The girls are trained under the expertise of professional trainers and have a lot more fun than the authorities expected. Some students are also enthusiastic about the camp because sitting at home has become monotonous for the children since the class moved to the Internet.

Golf is considered one of the most royal sports. Following the abolition of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, the center took initiatives to develop several sporting activities in the state. Young people from the area have welcomed these initiatives and proactively volunteered to help the area thrive.

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