Girls from state schools take part in the first golf training camp

Girls from state schools take part in the first golf training camp

For the first time, girls from state schools in Jammu and Kashmir have the opportunity to take part in golf training camps.
Golf, which is considered a game for royals and the elite, mostly sees male participation. The aim of this special and first training camp is to offer girls from state schools a platform to arouse interest in the sport and to become professional golfers.
The camp was organized by the Department of Youth Sports and Services of Jammu and Kashmir in cooperation with the Department of Tourism and the Kashmiri authorities.
“We used to have games like Kho Kho, Badminton, but for the first time a new initiative has been taken that the government school girls are represented in golf, this is the first game that is trained. For girls who want to make careers in golf, this is a platform to show off their performance. Golf was considered a top sport, the girls show discipline, they are very excited, ”said Abdul Qayoom, the training camp manager in charge.
Kashmir’s first golf course was recently reopened by Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha. To promote youth, the authorities organized the very first training camp.
Several young girls took part in the special golf training camp with full vigor. They are taught techniques from professional trainers and many say they have a lot more fun than they expected.
“The camp is good, we get a good presence, we come here for coaching and we feel good to receive this form of coaching,” said one of the trainees.
Many students are especially excited about the camp as they are studying online due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation and this is a good activity to relieve. Many thanked the center for the initiative.


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