Golf: Putting training aids hit the local market

by | Dec 5, 2021 | Golf Training

WELLPUTT, the company that works with Cameron McCormick to develop and manufacture golf putting training aids, has launched two models in Malaysia. They are the 13 foot Wellputt and Wellstroke mats.

“For more than 10 years, our engineers and designers have been working on offering products of the best quality. And our success is based on the original development of excellent putting aids through research and development (R&D) to increase a player’s perception and feeling while providing modern and accessible products to all golfers, regardless of their level, ”Wellputt said in a statement .

Over the years, based on a scientific understanding of golfers and athletic performance, Wellputt has grown to become a leading provider of golf training aids in the United States and now they are available locally.

The 13ft (4m) Wellput Mat was recommended by McCormick, Jordan Spieth’s trainer.

Wellstroke mat.

The Wellputt mats are used by some of the world’s top professional players and are the most scientifically accurate in reproducing a true green, Wellputt added.

“The patented design and roll speed have been tested by our engineers and McCormick to make you a putting expert. The Well Putting Mat is the ultimate putting aid and has many tools focused on accuracy and speed control.

“The mat also has putt zones to help golfers practice the speed of their putts to ensure they have better chances of puttingts.”

The Wellputt mat 13ft, available in two colors – a classic green and black – contains more than 50 exercise exercises, which are accessible via the Wellputt app for iOS and Android phones, as well as a training book.

The Wellstroke is a motion putting guide mat with which you can reproduce the “ideal” gesture when putting.

“This simple but precise tool has been tested and approved by McCormick and is based on three different components to successful putting – ball contact, aiming and speed control.

“The mat has three main advantages. It provides visual support to clearly identify technical errors and then to correct them.

“It also promotes visual memory. Through the combination of visual and muscle markers, the training is recorded and subconsciously stored in your head.

“And ultimately, all of this will naturally make you more competent and your movements more automatic.”

The two mats are exclusively available in MST Golf Stores nationwide, with the Wellputt for RM950 and the Wellstroke for RM389 being available in retail outlets.