Golf Training Aids: Get instant swing and impact location feedback to self-diagnose your mistakes | Golf equipment: clubs, balls, bags

by | Oct 31, 2021 | Golf Training

Here is a brilliant idea: With the Acu-Strike exercise mat, you can immediately study your swing path and impact location by hitting a small piece of felt. Both the indoor and outdoor versions measure 10 “by 19”, which is large enough for you to practice swings or actually hit balls. Do you swing inward? Do you tend to hit behind the ball? Practicing with the mat can help correct these errors. After each shot, simply wipe away the mark on the racket and move on.

One precaution: the indoor mat is padded up to an inch thick, so you will need to lift your stand to create a level surface with the mat. The company sells a separate standing mat ($ 90) to produce flat lies.