GolfOnlines 2021 Quintessential Golf Gift Guide for Beginners

by | Oct 30, 2021 | Golf Training

Christmas is a perfect time for players being introduced to the game of golf as the gift season is a great opportunity to help new golfers stock up on essentials. The winter months can be used as preparation time to learn key skills with the Assistance from beginner golf training aids. From complete golf sets for beginners to useful accessories and more, here is the only list you need to get started.

Golf sets for beginners

package Golf sets are usually more forgiving and special designed for higher handicaps and beginners. Whether you are shopping for him, her or the kids, we have the ultimate golf sets for you so that you have everything you need from first time to tee.

Cleveland men’s 11-piece golf complete set

STATISTICS: This is a nice looking starter kit. Give him everything he needs to gain confidence on the pitch in a sentence that is forgiving but looks oh so good. In addition to all the golf clubs you need for a good start, this package offers from Cleveland Golf Even comes with an impressive cart bag and practical rain cover.

Nice List indicator: at £ 699You can’t go wrong with this right-handed set.

Cobra Ladies Fly XL 11-piece golf set

STATISTICS: With this stylish package set from cobra. With all the clubs she needs for her golf trip, this set really stands out through its.

Nice List Indicator: Very nice at £ 699 for her if she is right handed.

MKids Junior Pro half package set

STATISTICS: Pass on the love of play to your children and surprise them with this great Christmas gift. This half package is expertly designed to improve a junior golfer’s swing by using the correct clubs of weight and size. All Pro sets come with a color-coded stand bag, fairway, metal wood, 6 & 8 irons, pitching wedge, SLA putter and head cover. Available in three different sizes for right and left handers, it’s the ultimate gift for the kids this Christmas season.

Nice List indicator: at € 229.95 it’s a splurge, but one that’s worth it!

Callaway Men’s Corporate Waterproof Jacket

STATISTICS: Give him comfort and protection no matter how the weather bothers him. this Callaway jacket was designed to provide the perfect barrier against the elements. Light, breathable and waterproof, it can easily be stowed in a golf bag and the technical stretch material ensures that it does not affect your swing.

Nice List indicator: at € 69.95 This is an easy purchase that he’ll be happy to open on Christmas morning.

Under Armor handkerchief

Accessories are a must for every golfer. So why not help them get everything they need to be successful on the golf course? this Under Armor golf towel looks great and works even better. The embroidered tri-fold design features a section for water absorption or buffing, and a textured section for cleaning. A practical metal ring allows it to be easily attached to a golf bag.

Nice List indicator:
At only € 19.95 This is a gift not to be missed!

Golf swing speed trainer

the Golf swing speed trainer is a great way Improve flexibility, improve golf core muscle strength, and create delays in one go to help him become more consistent. All in all, it’s a great gift for someone new to the game who wants to learn the feel of the right shot.

Nice List indicator:
Buy now only from GolfOnline € 39.95.

Callaway Supersoft Max White Golf Balls

The oversized design of the Callaway Supersoft Max promotes increased consistency and high launch in compliance with the golf rules. Better forgiveness and greater distances make this perfect Golf balls for beginners.

Nice List indicator:
A box 12 balls cost € 22.95 now at GolfOnline.

Extra nice:
Take advantage of our incredible multibuy discounts when you Buy 2 or more packs!

Lignum colored microwood teas

STATISTICS: Consistency is a golfer’s best friend. So anything that can help in this department is always welcome. the Lignum teas have been designed with height adjustment rings around the tee to determine where a golfer’s ball hits best. Once discovered, golfers are able to take a constant step up each time they hit the tee. Available in a variety of bright color options, this is a smart buy that every golfer will appreciate.

Nice List indicator: From hosiery to the perfect Secret Santa gift, these t-shirts are a bargain £ 4.95 for 12.

Extra nice: The innovative design is made from recycled material It’s the perfect gift for anyone looking to promote sustainability this Christmas.

Wellput mat start

STATISTICS: This is the perfect gift for novice golfers looking to improve their putting skills. The speed of this mat is specifically designed to match the speed of most greens. Learn all the basics of putting in a fun way to improve alignment and speed control.

Nice List indicator: Buy now at GolfOnline for € 89.95.

Extra nice: Users can use the Wellputt app for over 50 training exercises and instructions!

Callaway 4 in 1 Divot Tool

Any golfer can benefit from having the basic tools they need to tackle the course. A divot tool allows golfers to repair damage to the greens, but this one from recall comes with a couple of additional benefits. Treat them to this incredible tool that also contains a nylon bristle brush, a magnetic ball marker, and a metal groove cleaner.

Nice List indicator:
At only £ 12.95 This is a breeze for golfers.