Government organizes first golf training camp for government students

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Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir)[India]August 4th (ANI): Jammu and the Kashmiri government organized the first golf training camp for the government schoolboys on the Kashmiri golf course in Kashmir.

JammuKashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha recently reopened this golf course almost seven years after it was damaged during the 2014 Kashmir floods.

The Ministry of Youth Services and Sports of Jammu and Kashmir, the Directorate of Tourism, Jammu and the authorities of the Kashmir Golf Course jointly organized this special golf training camp with the aim of bringing forth future golfers from the valley.

In addition, this game is to be promoted in the region and sports enthusiasts are offered a common platform.

Fayaz Ahmed, a renowned golf coach and coach for this camp, said, “It’s a good performance. The very first golf academy is finally here. If we can find some good players we will help them develop. It is a 15-day camp, lots of kids have signed up here and everyone is playing great. ” the course with a warehouse.

“The golf course was closed for 7-8 years because of the damage it caused in the 2014 floods. We are grateful to the lieutenant governor for reopening the course along with the camp,” added Ahmed.

The camp received a positive response from the participants, who thanked the authorities for taking the initiative to make a sport as expensive as golf accessible to middle-class children. A lot of money was invested in the restoration of the golf course and the start of the first golf academy. The competence of the highly professional trainers and the techniques they imparted made this camp unforgettable for the trainees.

“It’s really good. We were bored at home as training in online mode wasn’t a good experience and there was a lot of interference. I never expected to reach that level. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. I would like to thank my trainer Fayaz. We always thought this sport was for the elderly, not us kids. But we still had the opportunity to come here and learn, “said Zeeshan, a trainee at Camp.

Tariq, another trainee at this camp, thanked everyone who was involved in the camp and the restoration of the golf course and said, “I want to thank the school and our governor for bringing us poor people here. I play soccer a completely different sport. We weren’t allowed to enter the golf course earlier. Fayaz Sir is great and I’ve never seen a coach like him. He teaches us so well. “” Golf is extremely expensive. I’ve seen it on TV before. It feels really good to be here and I want to thank the governor. Fayaz helps us to practice well. Physical fitness is maintained through exercise. I hope there will be more of these camps in the future and more children will get a chance. We were fed up with the lockdowns, it feels a lot better now, “said Adnan, another trainee. (ANI)


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