Impress the golfers in your life with these gift ideas on sale before Black Friday

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Golf Training

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Finding a gift that will make your golfer’s friends and family happy can be a special challenge – especially if you’re not a fan of the game yourself. While you can always give them a mug that says “World’s No. 1 Golfer”, where’s the fun in it?

Give them a gift that they will really appreciate, ideally one that will improve their game or make their time on the court a lot more enjoyable. Here are 20 options, all of which are on sale early on Black Friday. Use code SAVE15NOV at checkout to save an additional 15% off.

With this set, your loved ones can play a round of golf at any time – even when it’s raining outside. Thanks to the state-of-the-art sensor and swing stick, you can work on your real swing at home or in the office, or play an immersive virtual game. It usually costs $ 249, but you can get it on sale for $ 194.65 using code SAVE15NOV.

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This home range practice system features an 8-square-meter swing net, an FT start zone hitting mat, a real turf surface and a pro-caddy ball shagger that simulates a real fairway and enables golfers to practice swing at home. It usually costs $ 199, but you can get it on sale for $ 139.39 using code SAVE15NOV.

Grid with target in the middle next to a board with a golf ball and artificial turf

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Fun for all ages, this portable practice and play set allows players to refine their putting stroke and improve speed and accuracy. Used to be $ 29, get it for $ 20.39 with the code SAVE15NOV.

Golf practice set

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This training aid has three main objectives that allow players to work chips and pitches from various distances and trajectories. It’s lightweight and portable so it can be taken and placed anywhere. Get it for just $ 38.24 (usually $ 49) using coupon code SAVE15NOV.

Black net with three holes

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Made from high quality materials, this putting mat simulates actual putting surfaces and features a movable putting cup that is 1/4 inch smaller than the regulation to improve a golfer’s aim. It usually costs $ 49, but you can get it on sale for $ 35.69 by entering code SAVE15NOV at checkout.

Green putting mat with putt cup

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The ultimate organizing solution for golf suitcases, this locker features easily accessible storage compartments with sturdy wall dividers and easy-to-pull zippers that make it easy to stow away essentials. It also has a mesh shoe compartment perfect for ventilation. It usually costs $ 69, but you can get it on sale for $ 45.04 using code SAVE15NOV.

Black portable golf cabinet with shoes, balls, hat and polo shirt inside

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Designed to help any golfer lower their scores and win the game, this golf watch provides accurate distance measurements, distance calculations to the front, center and back of the green, and distances to targets and hazards. It is also pre-installed with 40,000 golf courses in 170 countries. Usually $ 209, you can get it on sale for $ 144.49 using code SAVE15NOV.

Black clock with green graphics and numbers on the dial

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The PutterBall combines golf and beer pong for hours of fun that your friends and family can enjoy. It can be placed anywhere and is great for playing at all types of events with golfers and non-golfers alike. It originally cost $ 189, but you can get it for $ 161.49 using code SAVE15NOV.

Green six-hole putting strip with a club

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A winner of the 2019 Scott County Fast Track Challenge, this speed trainer is built with heavier and lighter weights to make the body stronger and swing faster, so golfers can keep hitting the ball with less effort. Use code SAVE15NOV to get it on sale for $ 127.49 (MSRP $ 149).

Two black rubber grip devices in a black housing

Credit: Unlocked Golf

The Cutter Wedge has the same loft, bounce and lie angle as a typical wedge, but is also equipped with a self-aiming clubface, 75 percent larger sweet spot, 66 percent less leading edge and more balanced perimeter weighting, which results in higher accuracy shots , higher trajectory and softer landings. Previously retailed for $ 139, it can be purchased for $ 101.99 using code SAVE15NOV.

Two silver golf club heads

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The ideal companion on the golf course, this umbrella is made from industrial grade fiberglass that prevents breakage and flipping and features ventilated umbrellas that can withstand winds of up to 55 mph. It also features water repellent material that will keep you dry all day. It usually costs $ 78, but if you enter code SAVE15NOV at checkout, you can get it on sale for $ 67.14.

Green umbrella shown both open and closed

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These intelligent insoles are designed to improve balance by analyzing body balance and foot pressure. With the patented pressure sensor technology, the foot pressure, the gait pattern, the imbalance of the body weight and the muscle movement can be measured with great accuracy. Enter the code SAVE15NOV and you can get the insoles for $ 194.65 (MSRP $ 229).

Blue-pink shoe insole in front of wireless headphones and two screens that show a golfer in the middle of the swing with data next to it

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With this putting mat constructed with a heavy duty, heavy rubber pad, anyone can practice golf anywhere to lie smooth and flat on any surface. Originally $ 89, you can get it for $ 65.44 using code SAVE15NOV.

Green putting mat with a target on a wooden floor and a person putting a yellow ball

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Designed with slope technology and tour-grade accuracy in mind, this rangefinder will tell golfers their true playing distance, whether they’re on a downhill par 3 or an uphill approach. It normally costs $ 299, but you can get it for $ 169.99 using code SAVE15NOV.

Black, white and red range finder

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With this hard-wearing and wrinkle-free exercise mat, everyone can train on any surface. It also provides a realistic experience with a stimpmeter value of 10 to really show off medium to fast greens. Previously $ 109, it is available for $ 84.99 using the code SAVE15NOV.

Green putting mat with two black slope creators and three golf balls


This set also includes a golf mat with a stimpmeter value of 10 and a carrying case so you can easily take it with you anywhere. It normally costs $ 84, but you can get it on sale for $ 62.04 using code SAVE15NOV.

Green putting mat with black carrying case


This trainer package includes a mat that lies flat on any surface and a putt trainer that simulates the exact conditions of putting into a real hole on the green. It originally costs $ 139, but you can get it on sale for $ 110.49 using code SAVE15NOV.

Rolled up green mat and black slope with golf ball

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Designed to help anyone improve their putting game, this trainer kit allows players to have a full practice session with a mid-range putting mat, putting trainer, putting mirror trainer, and alignment gate and putting gates perform. Enter code SAVE15NOV at checkout to get it for $ 220.99 (MSRP $ 269).

Set of putting mat, pressure putting trainer, mirror trainer and putting gates

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Help your friend improve their long drive swing with this trainer that comes with a 48-inch shaft and interchangeable color-coded weights. Previously retailed for $ 179, it can be purchased for $ 152.99 using code SAVE15NOV.

Two drive trainers in gold and silver in a black housing

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Developed by golfers for golfers, this golf training system enables players to improve their swing and shape with a patented gear system, ball marker and companion app. Enter coupon code SAVE15NOV to get it on sale for $ 50.99 (MSRP $ 69).

Phone on a tripod displaying the Caddy View app

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