Improve your golf game with the Caddy View for a 20% discount

by | Dec 3, 2021 | Golf Training

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Golfing with your friends just got a whole lot more interesting … because you are about to improve your swing and shape with this groundbreaking invention.

the Caddy View golf training system was created by golfers for golfers. With Caddy View you can go to the course, connect your smartphone or tablet to the Caddy View app … and record or take photos of your swing with the wireless remote control. It’s easy as pie.

The phone holder ensures that the angle is correct at all times without any problems. Just tilt it the way you want it. The tripod makes the Golfie Stick more stable and the removable stoke ensures that your shots are always caught by golf club.

With the app, you can draw lines, rectangles and angles and use a variety of other tools to analyze your swing in slow motion or slow motion. Trace the parabola of the golf ball and examine your stroke. Compare your swing with a PGA pro side by side! In addition … access over 100 instructional videos from Caddy Views’ own professional PGA coaches.

Buy the Caddy View now while doing this Cyber ​​Monday sale goes for just $ 55.99 when using code CMSAVE20.

Subject to price changes.