Improve your swing with this golf training aid that really works and is only available for a limited time

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How this patented golf training aid works is pretty cool and gives the user instant feedback if the club opens or closes during the swing to help golfers clear a slice or hook.

Widely used by golf professionals, theHANGER helps students achieve club face awareness by promoting a square club face that helps golfers develop the correct swing mechanics to make a repeatable swing.

TheHANGER is featured in Golf Magazine and given a perfect 5-star swing path on


If you are left-handed, don’t worry, the HANGER golf training aid is available for right-handed and left-handed users.

One lucky player left this rave review: “I’ve had this tool for a little over a year and it’s the best training aid out there. I am struggling with too much extension in my wrist and that keeps me flat again, which results in better ball flight. Not to mention, the customer service is first class and quick to respond should any problems arise. “


This training aid is perfect for the avid golfer looking for an easy, inexpensive way to improve their swing before hitting the course this year. If this sounds perfect for your special someone, or a gift you need for yourself, get the HANGER: Golf Training Aid for $ 55.99 (reg. $ 69).

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