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Jammu and Kashmir gets first Golf training Academy for common people

New Delhi: Golf made accessible to the common man. It is no longer the game of the elite. The dream of an inclusive society is becoming a reality.

For the first time in the history of Kashmir, which is considered the country’s golf capital and has international golf courses, the government is opening a golf academy for state school children and golf enthusiasts.

Kashmir, which in the past hosted hundreds of international golfers around the world at prestigious golf tournaments in Union Territory, has never seen a middle-class person join the game. Even stepping onto the golf course was a distant dream for a common man in Kashmir in the past.

But now things have changed. The government of Jammu and Kashmir has made this royal game accessible to an ordinary Kashmiri middle class.

The first game of young Kashmiri golfers completes a 15-day training session on a centuries-old, traditional golf course in Kashmir. In the first 15 days a training course will be completed by a total of 50 students from various state schools in Srinagar, including 25 girls and 25 boys.

Participants are excited and happy to be playing the game they know is only for rich people and are grateful to the government of Jammu and Kashmir for providing them with such a platform.

Player Resha said, “This is the first game of Kashmiri golf that we did not know about in schools where we played golf for the first time, and this is the first game of Kashmiri golf known as the royal game and ranging Belonged to families Now people below the poverty line will also play a role. We are very grateful to our governor who gave us this opportunity. “

Another player, Rehana, said: “We have heard that this is played by people who belong to wealthy families. We never thought that we would play this game very well, that we would play this game. We thank the government for giving us this opportunity. ”

Kashmir Golf Club is one of the oldest golf clubs with a rich history and the second in the country after the Royal Golf Club. Kolkata offers these students this training for free. From equipment to refreshment, everything is provided free of charge. There is a full-time coach training them and eminent coaches in the country will come to help train this first batch.

The restoration work on the historic golf course, which was in ruins after the floods in 2014, was carried out to the best of its ability while preserving its heritage. The aim behind the opening of the first golf academy is to make golf accessible to the common people and to bring the best golfers from Kashmir to the country. The authorities believe that the talent of the sport cannot be limited, it always comes out in one form or another, just takes a chance. And with the right resources and the right training, cashmere can produce golf champions in the future.

Javeed Bakhsi (MD Golf Development Authority) said, “We have physically fit youngsters to play golf, so we thought of an academy so that we can train people of this age to play for the country on a national or international level. The academy trains them professionally. Golf is a game of discipline, it’s a different game, that’s why it was called an elite game, but we broke that barrier too. This initiative is taken by LG. “

“We have 25 girls ‘sessions in the morning and 25 boys’ sessions in the evening, all from different Srinagar state schools that we trained for them here, and all these international players will come here to play and give lectures to them. We have good potential, but we have to deal with it a bit and we hope that this game will soon be seen as a national player, ”he added.

The government has a grand plan to promote sporting activities in Jammu and Kashmir. A multi-pronged strategy for the development of the sports infrastructure, the organization of sporting events throughout the UT, the placement of the best coaches, the continuous monitoring and full use of the resources has been prepared. Jammu and Kashmir are a powerhouse for athletic talent and the administration is working diligently to create a thriving sports culture and to offer budding athletes the right platforms.

In Jammu and Kashmir alone, at least 17 national sporting events will take place this year so that young people have the opportunity to show off their talent. More than 17 lakh children will take part in various sports in Jammu and Kashmir this year. The Prime Minister also shows interest in Jammu and Kashmir’s sporting activities and has Rs. 200 crore to improve and upgrade J & K’s sporting infrastructure under the PMDP (Premier Minister Development Package).

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