New GOLFTEC location opened in Stamford

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STAMFORD, CT – GOLFTEC, a multi-location golf training facility with a focus on technology across the country, announced the recent opening of a new training and club fitting center in Stamford.

The new facility on Canal Street is GOLFTEC’s second training center to open in Fairfield County; the company also has a location in Westport.

According to center manager Boris Busljeta, the Stamford facility officially opened on December 21 and has been in operation for almost two months. Busljeta said the overall design of Stamford ultimately led the company to open up in the city.

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“For us, I think the most important thing,” said Busljeta, “is the way Stamford is designed … and Stamford is kind of a technology and media company that helps us because we are a technology-based company. We do a lot of stuff, including videotaping, all that stuff. “

Busljeta also pointed out that the Stamford location caters to a younger demographic of customers based in Harbor Point and an older demographic that live in other parts of the city and Greenwich.

“So we meet both kinds of spectrums of young and adult,” said Busljeta, “which is great because we want the younger people to play golf so we can teach them and keep them there, and we want the older generation. ” still play golf and help them play better. “

The 2,600-square-foot facility has four teaching and practice bays, plus a putting green overseen by a team of coaches who use the company’s teaching technology, such as advanced motion measurement, video analysis, and premium launch monitors, to help students find a lesson help is best suited to their needs, according to a company press release.

The company prides itself on its ability to collect data on a customer’s golf swing through its award-winning SwingTRU motion study. The coaching team consists of instructors who have graduated from GOLFTEC University, a certification program based on mastering advanced training in golf swing mechanics, and the company’s technology.

Most GOLFTEC trainers are professionals from the Professional Golfers’ Association who, according to the company, have taught thousands of lessons. Busljeta said that each instructor at the Stamford facility currently has an average of around 25 clients each, with a total of three instructors.

Busljeta said the facility is trying to get customers on a weekly basis so teachers can review their golf game and make sure customers stick with what they have learned so far.

“It’s not just a lesson and see you later,” said Busljeta, “we take over our students’ golf game and golf swing because we want them to just get better.”

GOLFTEC customers also have the advantage of being able to observe and check their swing in various ways, said Busljeta.

“When you log in for the first time,” said Busljeta, “you are given your own user ID and password, and you have the option to log in and check what we did during a lesson … then add we also add some notes and also make videos on how to do certain exercises [clients] a number of different tools to put in your golf toolbox to help you get better. “

Thomas Madden, Stamford Director of Economic Development, said he was excited to welcome GOLFTEC to town.

“During the pandemic, Stamford saw a resurgence of golf as a socially distant activity,” Madden said. “I look forward to seeing your new ones [facility] here, and I look forward to booking my lessons with GOLFTEC while I get in the mood for golf in the spring. “


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