New PRGR launch monitor 2021 from SuperSpeed ​​Golf Review

New PRGR launch monitor 2021 from SuperSpeed ​​Golf Review

Already in April 2020, Golfshake Ambassador Matt Holbrook tested PRGR Launch Monitor from SuperSpeed ​​Golf, and he’s now tried the newer and improved version that was released for 2021.

Last spring, at the start of lockdown, I had a lot of fun building my swing speed with the SuperSpeed ​​Golf Training System, including the PRGR start monitor to measure and record my swing speed as part of the training.

Back then it was very handy during lockdown training and I also used it to give me shot data when I hit shots into my net at home. As with some “cheaper” launch monitors, people were genuinely interested in the device but questioned the accuracy of the data it provided.

When I was asked to try the new and improved PRGR monitor for 2021, I wanted to put it through its paces, but this time more range / course oriented. Instead of just hitting balls into a net.

PRGR launch monitor 2021

First, what’s new?

Well, to the eye, it’s just the larger resolution display, which makes things a lot bigger and easier to read. But with this newer model, what’s inside counts.

The higher quality processor and faster Doppler radar sensor improve accuracy – so the claims. The new scientific algorithms also support the increased precision and consistency and the improved ability to read higher lofted wedges.

All the claims I wanted to test.

I set out to test this out ironically when I was on the driving range where a local professional I knew was between lessons and his top notch launch monitor was free, so I asked him if I could hit a few punches and those could compare numbers.

To my (pleasant) surprise, the numbers displayed on the PRGR and the numbers displayed on the top launch monitor were pretty much spot on. Swing Speed, Carry Distance, and Total Distance were all + -1 yards (maybe 1.5 yards at most).

I tested this 2021 version on the @mattmastersgolf PRGR launch monitor versus a top notch launch monitor.

The results were frankly insane.

Will post my review to @golfshake very soon.

– Matt Holbrook Golf (@ MattHolbrook86) July 26, 2021

With that added confidence, I also used the PRGR monitor on both the shooting range and the practice field and really improved my numbers with my wedges. I’ve found it to pick up half and three-quarter shots just as easily as full shots.

Given the improved quality, better display, and the reassurance that the numbers I see on the PRGR monitor are as accurate as the best launch monitors available, I think the PRGR will be a great addition to anyone’s gear if we go ahead towards the end of the season and the winter grin starts again.

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