Perfect your putt from home with these golf gadget deals

by | Aug 22, 2021 | Golf Training

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Admit it, your putt could be more precise. But a little more practice outside of class could make a world of difference next time around.

We have the golf gadget deals to help you out. Here are four tools available April 4th to help you work on your putt. You know, so the next time you hit the court, you can cut a few strokes off of your score.

This putting mat is great for practicing putting at home or in the office. It can be rolled out flat and has a non-slip back and a movable plastic cup. This way, you can practice all kinds of shots and angles to improve your game. It usually costs $ 44, but you can get hold of it for just $ 29.95 for a limited time.

Credit: Putt-a-bout

With four of PuttOUT’s most popular golf training aids – the Pressure Putt Trainer, Pro Putt Mat, Mirror System, and Pro Putting Gates – you can build the ultimate putting playground. Use the GOLF38 voucher at checkout and get the full set of training aids for just $ 211 (typically $ 249).

The Ultimate PuttOUT Putting Studio - $ 211 with code GOLF38

Image Credit: Puttout

This compact and lightweight golf hole from Golfer Paradise can be used virtually anywhere to help you work on your accuracy, length and consistency. You don’t have to chase your ball around the room after every putt either, as its automatic ball return cup catches it and automatically shoots back at you every time it hits. It usually costs $ 35, but you can get hold of this practice hole for just $ 24.99 for a limited time.

Golfer Paradise auto-return practice hole - $ 24.99

Photo credit: Golfer Paradise

The Golfer Paradise Golf Putting Mat was developed to recreate a medium to fast green and takes home putting training to a new level. It features printed alignment aids, aiming points and distance markings every 10 inches, a heavy rubber pad for easy lying down, and an easy roll-up design that slips into the compact carry case for practice on the go. For a limited time, you can get the 9-foot version for just $ 76.99 (usually $ 89). Do you have square meters left? Opt for the 16-foot version for just $ 94.99 (usually $ 109) and start perfecting your putt.

Golfer Paradise Golf Putting Mat - $ 76.99

Photo credit: Golfer Paradise