Stretching could be the key to getting the golf ball farther and playing longer

Stretching could be the key to getting the golf ball farther and playing longer

When golfing for the first time, a million things go through their minds – technique, club speed, sand traps and water hazards. And as golfers get older, they may have a few other things on their mind – back pain, a limited backswing, a shorter drive. There is one thought that a golfer probably doesn’t have, but it should be – flexibility.

Flexibility is key to a successful golf swing and is essential to keeping people on the golf course as they age. According to PGA golfer Charlie Lostracco, golfers “must complete a rigorous golf training program to gain the strength and flexibility required to perform well. A regular golf stretching routine enables players to develop skills, follow good technique, and focus better. “

Lostracco suggests that a regular stretching routine can relax the muscles, which will help a player relax and improve accuracy. It also increases freedom of movement for a smoother, faster golf swing. After all, it helps to prevent injuries on the route from tense neck and back.

As people get older, they lose their freedom of movement. It can show up when you are playing, exercising, or playing 18 holes with your grandchildren.

“Freedom of movement is the key to a successful and long-lasting game of golf,” said Luke McClellan, general manager at StretchLab in Greenville. “A healthy and consistent stretching routine shortens the recovery time between rounds of golf and prevents the build-up of lactic acid through repetitive movements.”

At StretchLab, trained flexologists offer guided stretches that meet the specific needs of each member – including golf-specific stretches. McClellan estimates that about 1/4 of the members of StretchLab are golfers.

“These are people who want to improve their golf game and just want to play longer.”

Whether it’s trying to reduce pain and recovery time, or lower your score, stretching should be a part of any golfer’s preparation.


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