The new lag shot: will this training aid fix your swing?

The new lag shot: will this training aid fix your swing?

The latest exciting training aid on the market is a golf training club called the Lag Shot.

This association promises:

In short, the Lag Shot golf training aid promises to help golfers of all skill levels achieve the improvements they have always dreamed of.

But how does it work? What is the logic behind the design? And how does it differ from other golf training aids?

We have all of these answers here.

What is lag shot?

Lag Shot is a training stick with the length, loft and position of a seven-iron. It has a black, wear-resistant club head and a blue, swinging shaft.

This training aid is used to practice a variety of punches, including drives, iron shots, and even wedge shots. You can use lag shot to simply practice your swing motion, or you can actually hit golf balls with it.

So . . What is the point of this training aid? Why the shock wave? How does that help

It all boils down to one of the biggest buzzwords in golf: lag.

What problem does lag shot solve?

Almost every amateur golfer dreams of mastering the lags like a pro. Many golfers consider lag to be the ultimate solution for increasing club head speed and reaching the maximum distance.

Unfortunately, it is really very difficult to get the delay right. In fact, for many casual golfers, it is better to forego this skill altogether than to suffer the consequences of poor lag timing.

What is delay?

If you’ve never heard this term, lag refers to a swing sequence that loads speed and power into the club head just before impact. Professional golfers often use this technique.

This is how the delay works. The golfer pulls the club head behind the club head during transition and downswing, instead of swinging the club head far out. They wait until the swing ends to release the club head lag and whip it through to hit the golf ball.

This whipping motion loads the club head at speed for maximum force on impact.

LagShot Trainer vs. Standard 7-Irons

It’s a great skill when you can master it. But mastering it is not easy. Your entire swing is over in no time at all. How do you make sure you let go of the club head at the perfect moment?

This is the problem Lag Shot promises to address.

How does it work?

With its ultra-flexible shaft, Lag Shot should show you what masterful lag actually feels like. During the swing, the LagFlex Shaft technology guides the movement so that you naturally load the club head.

In other words, this golf training aid forces you to fall into the correct order without conscious adjustments. In theory, you naturally learn what to do with your hands, arms, and body.

Then when you feel the proper lag in your body, you can find it back in your actual golf game.

If all of this sounds familiar, it’s because it should be. Many other training aids are already trying to help golfers solve the same problem using similar techniques. Does Lag Shot really offer anything new?

Well yes and no. There are other lag trainers on the golf market, particularly the Orange Whip. In fact, the Orange Whip is a great product that we would recommend, especially for warming up before a round.

But the big difference with lag shot is that you can actually hit a ball with the racket.

All we know is that the designers at Lag Shot say they put their product through rigorous user testing and consulted PGA professionals to create a golf swing trainer that surpasses where others have fallen short.

We actually got the chance to use the lag shot and we used it in the video below.

How do you practice with lag shot?

You can use your lag shot with or without a golf ball. This is an added benefit for golfers who can’t make it up the range as often as they’d like. You can still do a few turns at home every day and work toward one big goal: training your body to make one great swing move.

Using such a product to improve your golf swing offers several potential benefits.

First, it improves pace, timing, and sequencing by teaching your body what a good golf swing feels like. Feeling plays a huge role in our ability to learn quickly and improve.

Another plus point is that practicing with lag shot is easier on the body than doing a lot of exercise, for example. The extreme flexibility of the club shaft promotes a tension-free transition and effortless downswing.

That brings us to our next question:

For whom is that?

According to the creators of Lag Shot, this club is for everyone. Golfers of all skill levels and ages – male and female – can take advantage of lag shot.

However, the designers also suggest that this training club could be particularly beneficial for older golfers, those with limited mobility, and anyone struggling with joint pain. In other words, anyone who has given up improving their swing because the physical strain was too great.

What does it cost?

That’s what Lag Shot does. What does it cost now?

Lag Shot is currently $ 119 and shipping is free. You have the choice between a left-handed or right-handed lag shot racket. Your purchase also includes a lag shot video training series. The series is taught by Adam Bazalgette, a three-time PGA Teacher of the Year.

And what if it doesn’t help your game? There is a 30 day money back guarantee.

The big picture

So, brief summary:

Lag Shot is a golf training club designed to help you improve your swing movement. It has a peppy racket shaft that forces you to naturally find the right timing, pace, and order. This will help you master delays and hit longer, more accurate golf shots.

This training aid is for golfers of all skill levels and can be used with golf balls or on its own. It’s currently priced at $ 119 with free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Do you own a lag shot training club?

Does this training aid arouse your interest? Or have you already tried it? Let us know in the comments if it helped your game! We are curious to find out more.

While it may not give you the Perfect golf swing, it can help you build the right one society head delay in your golf swing. And do it right golf delay can help your swing path and increase your swing Speed.

For more in-depth golf tips, visit us at These golf lessons are completely free and come with detailed advice to help you play golf better!


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