These 4 training aids will help you do more putts

by | Nov 8, 2021 | Golf Training

Every golfer feels they should do more putts … and they’re right! While very few golfers have the physical skills to hit their driver 300 yards in the air, like Dustin Johnson, we can all improve our putting without spending hours on the court or in the gym.

So how do you do it We turned to Perfect Practice, an innovative golf training aid company that has developed a range of effective, easy-to-use products with some of the biggest names in golf.

Please enjoy these recommendations from Dustin Johnson, his brother / caddy Austin Johnson, and senior instructors Matt Killen and Zach Allen to learn about their favorite Perfect Practice training aids and how they use them to get more putts.

Dustin Johnson: Two-time major champion Recommendation: Perfect Putting Mat ™

Conditions vary from one PGA Tour event to the next. However, when it comes to training, I know that I can rely on my Perfect Putting Mat to stay constant.

The Perfect Practice team sends me a mat for every tournament I play so I can put it out in my hotel room or in the house I rent. Sometimes I use it before the round, sometimes after, and occasionally both. It’s hard to go by without hitting a couple of putts which was very helpful.

The Perfect Putting Mat is something that every golfer should have at home or even in the office because it makes practicing so convenient. If you are short of time, you can still practice in tour quality.

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Austin Johnson: PGA Tour Caddy for Dustin Johnson
Recommendation: laser putting glasses

The story goes on

Caddies on the PGA Tour can do a lot more than just carry their bags. Players like Dustin Johnson (my brother and who I’m on tour caddy for) often rely on us to check their basics, and that’s why I love laser putting glasses. With the laser putting glasses we can look at his eye position together, whether on the field, on the practice green or at home on the mat.

It’s the small variations from week to week that can make the difference between missing a cut or winning the tournament – with a tool like laser putting glasses we can verify one of the most important things about putting and be as consistent as possible be.

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Matt Killen, GOLF Top 100 Teacher
Recommendation: The Raindrop – Retractable putting string

I work with some of the best golfers in the world as well as many amateur golfers. What they have in common when putting is that they have a hard time with their starting lines.

In the past we have seen golfers use chalk lines and many other things to practice this. I wanted to do something better. The Raindrop is the best putting string in the world. It’s easy to use. It won’t get tangled up. It extends to 20 feet. And just as important, it’s retractable so you can put it up and down quickly.

The Raindrop is one of the few products that shows you in real time why you are missing putts. Is it the reading … or your stroke? And once you know the answer, you can start doing more putts.

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Zach Allen, Southern California Teacher of the Year
Recommendation: True Pendulum Motion (TPM)

I’ve taught at almost every putting session. The TPM is by far the simplest. It fixes the most common setup mistakes and teaches golfers how to make the perfect pendulum swing that golfers used to take years to learn.

With the TPM, you don’t have to manipulate the putter or change anything during the stroke. It’s the only training aid I’ve ever used that teaches golfers what it’s like to take the perfect putting shot every time.
Golfers get better every time they use the TPM, resulting in a lot more putts on the course.

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Are you ready to make 2022 your best year ever on the course? Pick up one or more of these training aids and you’ll be amazed at how much more confident you will be on the greens – and how many more putts you will do.

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